Glass Bulletin Boards featuring Enclosed Cabinet Design

This glass bulletin board features an enclosed cabinet to ensure the safety of the contents within.Are you shopping for glass bulletin boards that are enclosed and has a lock? Do you need to buy a new messageboard case that features safety glass? These glass bulletin boards are the answer. Corkboards, like those sold on this site are suitable for posting information, legal notices, advertisements and want-ads. Although these glass bulletin boards are enclosed and having sliding doors they are rated for indoor use only. The cork surface allows users to post papers or posters with simple push-pins. These glass bulletin boards have an aluminum frame with a silver finish that will blend with any type of interior decorating scheme. The doors are made with tempered glass which is a safety requirement for most public buildings. These glass bulletin boards with sliding doors will not break into sharp pieces of broken. The resulting pieces of broken glass are small and rounded creating less of a hazard than typical plate glass. Place these glass bulletin boards in a church, community room, dormitory or shopping mall to provide an information center for visitors to stay abreast of local happenings. The sliding doors on this cabinet slide from side-to-side and are easy to open and close. Each of these glass bulletin boards features a raised grip on each door for quick access to the case. To keep the cabinet looking neat and clean; a little window cleaner and a paper towel should be used to remove and fingerprints. These glass bulletin boards can be used in most any type of commercial setting to provide a space for people to share information. For shoppers that are looking for smaller units, or cases with acrylic lenses be sure to check out the complete line of notice boards in this e-catalog.

Glass bulletin boards are often used in schools as a public directory.This glass bulletin board is large; featuring a six foot by four foot case. Despite the size of this corkboard cabinet; it is fairly easy to install, and can be wall mounted by two persons. Each glass bulletin board is shipped with all of the necessary hardware to successfully mount the unit to a wall. Due to the weight of this enclosed corkboard cabinet, users should only mount them to a wall stud or other surfaces able to support more than one hundred pounds. This glass bulletin board has a very thin profile at less than three inches. This indoor messageboard case therefore meets the ADA requirements for items that protrude from the wall.

What other organizations commonly use this glass bulletin board?
  • Large corporate offices use this enclosed corkboard to post mandatory notices for their employees.
  • This glass bulletin board is suitable for use in a school or university to advertise items for sale or roommates needed.
  • This noticeboard features safety glass with sliding doors so it is safe to use in most any type of public facility.
What are some of the benefits of using this glass bulletin board?
  • The sliding glass doors lock to allow important information to be posted in a public area without having to worry about tampering.
  • Each glass bulletin board is large enough to allow for large amounts of notices to be posted in one common case.
  • The aluminum frame construction of this cabinet is durable and yet relatively inexpensive.

These enclosed cork cases and cabinets are easy to maintain and care for once they are installed. The locking sliding doors protect the contents and allow for easy access to authorized personnel. Companies typically post important regulations and federal guidelines within these cases for all employees to stay informed. There is a diverse selection of corkboards and other message boards offered here that will certainly suit any commercial or personal need. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials within this large online warehouse. Indoor enclosed message boards is an effective means of advertising and informing customers, employees or passersby in most any type of environment.

Most of the noticeboard cabinets featured here having some form of locking mechanism to help deter vandals. This line of indoor rated corkboards is just one of several styles offered within this e-catalog. Choose from hundreds of other cases with acrylic lenses, open-faced design or even letterboards. These cabinets make up one small segment of the more than four thousand display products available on this site. Among the many fixtures sold here shoppers who purchased these noticeboard cabinets also bought such items as; classroom easels, wall mount literature racks, poster frames and outdoor sign frames. There is also a wide range of tradeshow and special event supplies for sale here. All of the products sold on this site feature some of the lowest prices available online. This company has been doing business for more than thirty eight years, and has an impeccable reputation for selling nothing but quality merchandise at unbelievable prices. There are currently more than two million units stocked in our three warehouses; most of which are ready for immediate shipment. To qualify for same day shipping simply place an order before 1pm EST. All in-stock fixtures ship that day. All other orders received past the cutoff time ship the following day, or within the specified number of days for each particular item. Shop with D2go for all your company’s display and merchandising needs!