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Memorabilia Display Cases for Wall Mount or Countertop Exhibits

These memorabilia display cases are suitable for a home or business setting.Are you looking for memorabilia display cases that are durable, yet won’t break your budget? Well, look no more! These memorabilia display cases are offered in counter top and wall mounted categories. Sports collectors like to use these shadow boxes to protect items such as a football, basketball, flag or other collectibles. These memorabilia display cases will complement the contents without being distracting. Many of the counter top models include a ball cradle to keep a signed football or baseball stationary. These memorabilia display cases are commonly seen in business offices or homes alike. For larger items such as an autographed team jersey, or a poster of a favorite sports player, there are hundreds of wall mounted shadow boxes, and locking cabinets that can accommodate these collectibles. These memorabilia display cases feature an easy wall mount design with a protective acrylic lens. There are several wood finishes, and multi-panel options offered, in addition to a wide variety of sizes. Use these memorabilia display cases to showcase a flag, or precious awards received by your company or organization. The majority of these wall mount cabinets also include a lock and key to further control access to the collectibles. There is also a huge array of memorabilia display cases that sit on a desk or countertop. These acrylic showcases are great for displaying a baseball or football. The memorabilia display cases featured above mostly feature an easy lift-off cover that keeps dust and other contaminants off of the trophy or other sports items. Rather it be a jersey, flag or a basketball there is bound to be a showcase that will keep the collectible protected and beautifully displayed.

Sports enthusiasts use these memorabilia display cases to showcase autographed items.The sports memorabilia display case featured here all have some type of acrylic covering. This clear lid allows for a complete view of the contents, while also providing a barrier of protection. The sports memorabilia display case featured above is offered with various types of bases. Choose from a wooden or acrylic platform. This sports memorabilia display case also has a mirrored deck in some instances. There is also a complete line of acrylic boxes with a locking aluminum frame. This sports memorabilia display case is perfect for such valuable items as a trophy, baseball, or other team collectibles. The frame is locked with the use of an Allen screw which blends in with the black or silver finish of the framing. This sports memorabilia display case is a great buy, and is priced far below any competitors’.

Use these memorabilia display cases to protect a football, baseball or jersey from a favorite team or player.Now that you’ve bought a valuable authentic item from your favorite team, or player, this site offers a solution to displaying that item for everyone to see, while also keeping it in pristine condition. By using one of these sports memorabilia display cases, it not only serves to protect the item, but it also lends to the increasing value of the collectible. There are many different sizes and shapes among these trophy showcases that will fit most any size helmet, baseball or football. Additionally these sports memorabilia display cases are perfect for holding ribbons or awards. Our engineers have spent many hours researching the most common sizes for many of these collectibles, and have created an acrylic box for them to fit in.

A new option recently added to a small selection of these sports memorabilia display cases is the “quick ship” feature. Many of the small countertop acrylic boxes ship same day when in stock and ordered prior to 1pm EST. Some of the sports memorabilia display cases that mount on the wall have a two to four day delay in order to complete the assembly process and to insure that they are packed properly. For the jersey cabinets that offer custom text headers, the average production time is three additional days prior to shipping. Shoppers won’t find sports memorabilia display cases with such superior craftsmanship, and affordable pricing anywhere on the web. Buy a football, baseball, or jersey showcase today, and see what the rest of the collectibles community is buzzing about.

    What type of memorabilia display case is typically used by sports fanatics?
  • Most collectors of authentic sporting items like to showcase them on the wall or on a desk or countertop.
  • There is sure to be a memorabilia display case here that will satisfy any need.
  • Your cherished collectibles, such as autographed baseballs, footballs and jerseys will look stunning in these showcases.
    Can this memorabilia display case be customized with a team name or phrase?
  • Some of these trophy cabinets, or shadow boxes could have a brass plaque attached to the wood framing.
  • There is also a memorabilia display case that is wall mounted that offers the option of having a custom printed text header on it to display a favorite team name, or catch-phrase.
  • For further details regarding customization of any of these collectible showcases; contact a member of the customer service team, or read further details on the product page.

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