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8" Letters for Windows, 132 Reusable Characters, Plastic Squeegee - Yellow

vinyl window lettering
  • Kit features (132) reusable letters, numbers, & symbols 8" tall.
  • Ziplock bag for storage and prevention of dust or dirt.
  • Plastic squeegee for easy affixing of letters to the glass.


Vinyl Window Lettering: 8" in Day-Glo Yellow

Vinyl window lettering comes with a Ziplock bag to store your letters when not in use to keep them from getting dust and dirt on them. Vinyl window lettering, also known as static cling letters and a lettering kit, has (132) 8" letters, symbols, and numbers included. These letters allow you to create an easily read message to advertise or promote your business and sales. Vinyl window lettering has Day-Glo yellow letters to really pop off the glass and call out to passersby. These letters automatically butt up against each other as they are placed on the glass, though we recommend using an arc or diagonal to create a more exciting display.

Vinyl window lettering includes a plastic squeegee to assist in affixing the letters to the glass. Before placing the letters, make sure you clean the glass with a cleaner such as Windex, not soap and water which will leave a residue that prevents the letters from firmly attaching. The cling letters, vinyl window lettering has letters that can be displayed on either side. When the letters are in desired position, use the squeegee to press the letters firmly until completely flat against the window. Vinyl window lettering is perfect for multiple uses as there is no glue or tape required! Help bring customers into your business with this exciting window lettering today!

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Height 8.0"
Material Vinyl
Color Yellow
Placement Style Glass / Window Mounted
Number of Characters 132.0

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