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One Color Single Sided Silk Screened GiantPole Flags - 10 or More Flags (Stand Not Included)

  • Single-sided, 1-color silkscreen print for solid color text & logos -
    For artwork featuring photographs or gradients, please see digital print option.

These banner flags are just as important as the banner pole they hang from. These are great advertising flags for the GiantPole event flag system. They are printed on durable knitted polyester fabric and printed using a specialized silk screen process see more details in right-side column. The inks used have been specially formulated to resist fading and provide a good through print on the backside of the flag.

We have partnered with one of the world's largest outdoor fabric banner and flag silkscreen printers located in Europe. The print process starts out with a specially designed white polyester mesh fabric and presses ink through the silkscreen on one side and through to the other (back) side. The ink and knitted polyester are designed to allow the image to bleed through the flag. This provides a very bright reverse image on the backside. Ninety percent of all flags are printed utilizing large logo artwork (and not detailed text phrases) to optimize brand recognition when viewed from a distance. Therefore reverse or backwards reading of a logo on the flags backside is very common, and has very little diminishing effect on the flags advertising impact.

GiantPole Flags: 43.3"w x 155"h

We also offer many more GiantPole Printed Event Flags for One, Two, Three and Full Color Options found in this category. In addition, we stock over 4000 displays for trade shows, marketing and retail found at our Main Shopping Page.

Overall Specifications
Overall Width x Height
43310" x 155"
Custom Graphics / Text
Graphic w/ Bleeds Width x Height
431120" x 15514"
Graphic Viewable Width x Height
43310" x 155"
Print Options
1 Color
Printing Type
Replacement Graphics Available
In Stock

Delayed Shipment: Add 14 days

An in-stock lead time of 14 business day(s) begins after the artwork proof has been approved. Product does NOT ship on a same day basis.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 units

We are unable to accept orders for less than 10 units per image.


Product is stocked 90% complete and is only completed when you place your order. Accessories, finishes, lighting, logos and/or graphics are added to complete your order.

Customer Provided Artwork Required

You are required to provide us with graphics and/or text, meeting the provided requirements, that will be created and/or applied prior to shipment. Please review the artwork/graphic guidelines and templates linked to in the description above before placing your order. Instructions for submitting your artwork/graphics are provided within the guides. We cannot be responsible for orders that are delayed due to artwork/graphics which not meet the provided requirements.

Single Image/Graphic Pricing

All pricing is based on single-image artwork unless otherwise noted.
For orders that have more than one type of printed image, an additional $25 set-up fee will be added to your order for each additional image. For example: You order 4 units, and request 2 units have image "A" and 2 units have image "B". In this example, the first image "A" is included in the base price, and the 2nd image "B" incurs an additional $25 art set-up fee. Customers ordering multiple artwork/images should use the special notes field during the checkout process to indicate configurations.

Digital Graphics Proof

A digital artwork proof will be sent to you, by e-mail, for approval prior to this product being completed. You will receive your digital proof approximately 48 hours (US only) after your artwork has been successfully received and reviewed.
The in-stock completion time of 14 days does not begin until the digital proof has been approved. We cannot be responsible for delays resulting from failure to respond to the proof approval in a timely manner.

Ships approximately 14 business days after artwork is approved
Quantity Price (USD)
10 - 14 $64.57
15 - 42 $55.80
43 - 128 $45.83

Fabric Silk Screen Printing Process

First the flags are printed using large format automated silk screen printing machines. These printing machines allow us to produce each flag accurately and quickly. This means you get a higher quality product for less.

Next the flags are heat treated. This causes the colors to brighten and fixes the inks. This is done not only to make the images look better but also to fix the inks against harsh weather making them last longer.

Five successive washing cycles brings out the final brightness of the flags and softens the cloth. Oven drying guarantees size stability of the flags.

The flags are trimmed and hemmed before a reinforcing strip is applied to the top and one side of the flags. The grommets are then inserted and the flags are packed up for shipment.

Important Information about choosing a custom flag.

One of the most important premises of this Banner Pole product is the advertising "effect" that wind motion has on the flag. A subtle "wave motion" blowing through your banner flag is both aesthetically appealing and attracts attention. To epitomize this point there is a new indoor banner pole on the market in Europe that has a fan in the base to blows a subtle breeze through the banner flag.

Our flags are printed on knitted polyester fabric designed specifically for flags.

  • This banner fabric has a nice "wave motion" in the wind.
  • The knitted polyester was designed to last longer than nylon flags.
  • This banner fabric cannot tear or shred like many other fabrics do in the wind.
  • Wrinkles are not noticeable at normal viewing distances. Creases from folding can be ironed out if desired.

Know what material your banner flag is being printed on!

Beware of flags printed on vinyl or other heavy weight materials! We love digitally printed vinyl for banner stands, it is a very good material for this purpose, but it was not designed for flags

  • Vinyl is a heavy material (even 10oz vinyl)
  • It does not wave well in the wind
  • Its weight of the flag causes the support arm to sag
  • Creases and wrinkles are more noticeable even at normal viewing distances and cannot be easily removed
  • Vinly for printing white on the back and does not allow for any through print. An image much be applied to the backside of the flag.
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