Digital Picture Frames Advertise Goods with Eye-Catching Graphics

Searching for the best way to get high-quality, crystal clear images in a marketing campaign? sells these digital picture frames that are able to present bright, enticing pictures and messages in a brighter manner than conventional poster advertisements. It is a well known fact that capturing the interest of potential customers is the key to creating sales in any market place. This picture digital frame for businesses will help entice customers to make purchases. The glowing LED screen on this electronic photo holder ensures that customers will take a moment to analyze the information on the monitor. These digital picture frames work just like conventional television screens. Psychologically, people associate looking at the ads on the showcase with the activity of watching TV. This picture digital frame, similar to a multimedia display, can cycle through various JPEG format images and advertisements. Advertisers can coast through numerous images and templates with one brilliant electronic photo holder kit. The digital picture frame is an interactive slideshow that gets noticed. People are able to view this LCD screen showcase from quite a distance. Many digital picture frame marketing tools can play video in addition to custom photos. When appropriate, marketers can even use the multimedia player to show one image. These digital picture frames are capable of providing the exact effect necessary for any situation!

Digital Picture FrameWhat separates these electronic photo holder devices from a conventional photograph or poster is the overall brightness of the screen. The picture digital frame includes high resolution panels and LED backlighting to bring the images into the limelight. All the content on the LCD screen showcase instantly becomes more exciting and visible. Digital picture frame users can transfer from static images or slideshows to video with a push of button. This multimedia display can play mp3 music files to add even more context to their advertising campaign. Due to all of the bells and whistles included with this digital picture frame, customers will notice the advertisements from any corner of the room.

The digital picture frames consolidate the numerous posters and messages around the establishment into one place. Users will have all the images necessary on one USB flash drive plugged into the electronic photo holder monitor. Smaller retail stores, banks, and other establishments where space is at a premium appreciate this picture digital frame characteristic. Furthermore, updating the information on the LCD screen showcase is just as simple. Chain stores, banks, and restaurants receiving orders to create a new marketing campaign from corporate can put the images on the digital picture frame instead of hanging new posters. New ads can be uploaded onto the USB stick and old ones are easily deleted from the multimedia display playlist.

Digital Picture FrameAlso, this digital picture frame collection uses flat screen televisions with surprisingly thin profiles. The lack of depth in the profile is another great electronic photo holder feature. These digital picture frames hardly protrude at all when placed on a wall. People can move quickly around the LCD screen showcase without worrying about bumping into the expensive monitor. This picture digital frame makes rooms seem bigger, freeing up areas for larger displays and more merchandise.

Even though these are space-savers, not all of the multimedia display models are petite. These digital picture frames come in many different sizes and styles. The multimedia display starts at 18.5”, and bigger sizes are available if necessary. Now that digital picture frames are becoming more prevalent in the marketplace, manufacturers have begun distributing models with an aesthetically pleasing look. Each LCD screen showcase has a modern looking black exterior for a sleek accent on the bright images and templates. The digital picture frames have borders that are neutral enough to match nearly any setting, no matter the décor.

Digital Picture FrameWhat special features are included with the purchase of this multimedia display set?

  • A high quality monitor with LED backlight is included with all of the picture frames digital for purchase. Many of the LCD screen showcase units are commercial grade televisions that include a warranty from the manufacturer. These television monitors also have media players built-in to avoid external players and unsightly HDMI cables.
  • Sturdy bases come with each of the picture frame digital options. These models have a round easel base that supports the unit on any flat surface. For businesses looking for a larger digital frame picture, there is a variety of heavy duty stands.
  • Handy remote controls are also included with the purchase. The controller that comes with the picture frames digital initiates the photos and offers control over numerous playing features including slide show intervals and transition effects.
  • VESA bracketing holes are on the back for attaching the picture frame digital on the wall.

What technology is necessary to operate this system?

  • Firstly, when operating picture frame digital, a computer with internet access is extremely important. The computer allows users to upload and create the templates necessary for building any type of digital showcase, from a single image to an elaborate slideshow. The internet access allows advertisers to access to Templates2Go, a website that provides layouts that make creating templates simple.
  • Secondly, digital picture frames require a USB stick to operate. These devices are where users store their templates, images or layouts. These multimedia display accessories are essential in transferring information from the computer to the digital frame picture monitor.
  • The last key component is a media player. This is the part that actually plays the posters on the screen. includes this device in all of the picture frame digital kits automatically. However, businesses with commercial grade televisions can buy the media player separately to upgrade.

As alluded to earlier, all of these picture frames digital operate using the “Plug and Play” system. This technology is a very simplistic and effective way to approach to electronic signage. Users create their custom ads on the computer. These advertisers are free to build their own layouts, or they are welcome to use the over 100 unique templates available at Simply place the desired images and text into the easy to use format. Once the layout is completed, the template is saved onto a USB stick. Managers then need to plug the drive into the monitor. The picture frame digital then plays the content in the exact fashion desired. Hence the term “Plug and Play”.

Many people think that because these electronic posters include easy to use technology they must be expensive. However, the smaller electronic photo holder makes the cost of much lower. No matter the size of the corporation or the balance of the budget, these picture frames digital can be an answer for all of the advertising problems. In fact, these prices are so competitive that they also work well for residences. Homeowners seeking a new way to present the shots from their digital cameras can get in on these digital frame picture kits for corporations. Family pictures look much better on a media player than in a print out copy. This picture frame digital can fit in anywhere. is a real company with three live warehouses located in Bristol, Rhode Island. These three warehouses are not only full of high quality digital media players and electronic posters, but also include some of the most innovative and exciting point of purchase items currently available online. From elegant display cabinets to economic place card holders, there is a showcase that is certain to fit the business and the budget. There is other place on the internet that customers can find such a wide assortment of displays. This collection is constantly expanding to include all of the latest and greatest options. Trust Displays2Go with every advertising need. Shop this online catalog today!