New to the game? you need an:
digital menu board ad players
Screens with Built-In Media Player

These ad players for bars and pubs provide an all-in-one solution to digital signage; they include both a screen and media player. This display has many mounting options, including wall brackets or stands. These digital sign ad players for bars have built in plug & play capabilities.
already have a screen? you need a:
mini media player for digital menu boards
Transfers Your Sign To A Screen

This add-on media player is the ideal tool to turn any bar or pub screen into digital signage. This inexpensive device is discrete and has plug & play capability. Simply connect the digital signage for bars media player to an existing TV with composite or HDMI cables.
need a stand too? check out our:
kits include a stand, media player & screen for digital menuboards
Stands + Digital Signage Screens

Bundled digital signage kits for bars are the perfect floor standing units. This all-in-one solution includes a stand and ad player with a large selection of sizes and styles. These bundled kits for bars are the perfect solution for digital signs.
not very artistic? all solutions include:
Digital Menu Board Signage
Free Templates for Any Industry

Templates2Go free online template software is ideal for creating captivating bar digital signage content. You will have access to many pre-designed templates or the ability to create unique layouts from scratch. This free template software for pub digital signage eliminates the need to buy pricey editing software.

Purchase Exciting Digital Signage Solutions for Your Bar, Pub, Nightclub or Ale House Today!

Digital Signage for Bars and Nightclubs

This digital signage for sports bars and pubs is ideal for bringing any food or drink establishment into the 21st century of foodservice signs. The benefits of these digital menu boards will be worth every penny spent! This digital sign for a bar is perfect for promoting added menu items and drinks. Many of the LG® model ad players offered here include EzSign software layouts which includes templates with Live TV zones so pubs can play the sports game and promote items as well! In a competitive industry, bars and pubs are always offering special pricing and deals and these captivating fixtures are the ideal spot to grab the customer's attention: where they are already looking! On top of promotional drinks and food items, bars & alehouses utilize this digital sign to inform patrons of events such as happy hours, trivia, and more. This electonic media player provides ease of use for bar owners to update content layouts as often as needed. This online catalog has a wide array of ad players to make the transition from static menus to electronic with ease. These electronic menu boards, digital signage show slideshows of full size images to provide a dynamically changing advertisement for patrons. This digital signage for nightlcubs and pubs will enhance the customer experience while allowing management to effectively communicate information. Adding these solutions is a great way to potentially increase sales!

How can sports bars, nightclubs and pubs benefit from digital signage?
  • Users of these all-in-one solutions have the ability to enhance branding efforts through content layout displayed on the screen.
  • Happy hour specials and seasonal drinks may be prominently portrayed on nightclub digital menuboards to increase sales.
  • This digital signage is great for exhibiting promotional items which allows the user to have more control of the customers purchasing decisions.
  • Easier upselling capability at the point-of-purchase using digital menu boards.
What type of digital signage hardware is available here?
  • This online catalog boasts a large selection of ad players that range in size and all have built in plug & play devices.
  • For the quick service establishments that already have a screen, users may purchase a media player which also provides plug and play capabilities. Although not built into the screen, this device is discrete!
  • To mount these electronic media flat screens, there is a plethora of options including wall mount, swiveling, stationary, ceiling mount, and floor standing models.
  • On top of all the great hardware options users will have access to the free online template software that provides many gorgeous pre-designed layouts or users have the capability to create custom content.
Digital Signage for Pubs

For those establishments that already have flat screen TVs, media players are the perfect solution to transform average screens into dynamic devices. This affordable add-on allows regular flat screens to have plug & play capabilities. Bar owners have the option to create captivating content using the free online template software, Templates2Go. There is a large selection of pre-designed layouts or software capabilities to create unique content. This added bonus requires no subscription fee and eliminates the need to purchase pricey editing software. This end-to-end electronic media for restaurants is ideal for engaging, enticing, and influencing customers. Upselling has never been easier with this electronic sign. Foodservice establishments can update the content depending on the needs of each day and the time of day. This advertising tool can alternate between promotional signs, menu boards, and upcoming events to keep customers captivated and informed. This electronic advertiser is perfect for informing patrons of the next live music artist playing or the dinner specials. In many restaurants, especially bars & pubs, flat screens have become a prominent fixture, and adding plug and play capabilities will enhance the average screen! Content has the option of being tailored to the interests of the regulars and new customers to keep them coming back for more.

These media players are ideal due to the ever changing nature of beers on tap, new liquors, or dinner specials. In this competitive foodservice industry, a versatile promotional tool is necessary in order to keep up with the competition. Often, new drinks, cocktails, beers or specials are overlooked because it is not easy to communicate to every customer at a loud and busy establishment. The screens will prominently inform the patrons of new items with ease. This e-media player is ideal for brand enhancement so customers know that the offerings are always changing and they'll want to come back and see what's new. Restaurants have the option of conveniently switching out promotional material between brunches, lunch, and dinner or late night dining without taking up too much employee time to rewrite conventional write on special boards or put up new posters. By trying to save money upfront, businesses often lose sight of the money spent in the long run for constantly replacing outdated menu boards, but this fixture is certain to last and keep up with changing styles. The cost of reprinting menus and beer lists is costly due to the contracted re-designing and printing/shipping costs. This display showcases menu boards with all the new items added at no extra cost to the restaurant.

Flat panels are ideal for communicating with customers and keeping patrons in the know. The ideal marketing device for foodservice has captivating content that will enhance customer experience. This dynamic flat screen fixture is perfect for eateries because it has the capability to be changed with the changing demographic. Whether it's summer and only the locals frequent the pub, or the college kids are back in town and the younger crowd is at happy hour; bar owners may tailor content to suit the desires of the customer. The ad players, media players, bundled kits, and free template software provide a solution for any foodservice establishment. This online retailer is a one stop source for cutting edge electronic displays. These electronic menu boards can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, or placed on a floor standing unit virtually anywhere in an alehouse or other drinking establishment. When customers walk in and are greeted by a message on an electronic screen they will instantly feel welcomed. This device is ideal for quick service, traditional, and institutional restaurants.

Purchasers may find all needed hardware from this trusted online source to transition into electronic menu boards. These promotional tools will save money in the long run by providing a one-time cost device that is ever changing at no cost to the bar or pub. Along with the ad player and other hardware offered, the free online signage templates software will make the transition into electronic media that much easier. In addition to e-media players this site has thousands of in stock POP displays to choose from.