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digital menu board ad players
Screens with Built-In Media Player

This flat panel LCD is more than just a regular TV. This digital sign for hotels comes with a USB port for users to plug in their memory stick pre-loaded with full screen eye-catching advertisements and images. Choose from many different sizes that are available.
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mini media player for digital menu boards
Transfers Your Sign To A Screen

This digital sign media player is designed to connect to your existing TV monitor and ultimately convert it to a dynamic hotel presentation. The small-size unit enables customers to load image, video or music files to keep guests entertained while waiting in the lobby.
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kits include a stand, media player & screen for digital menuboards
Stands + Digital Signage Screens

Bundled kits include a stand or wall bracket, as well as a screen and media player. These hotel digital signage kits take the guesswork out of creating an effective electronic poster for hotel management.
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Digital Menu Board Signage
Free Templates for Any Industry

Free templates offer users with many pre-designed layouts for hotels to utilize. Choose from many different layouts or customize your own message. Remember, these free templates for hotels are offered to customers with no extra fees! Therefore, users have the privilege to choose any types of templates that are available!

Implement Digital Signage In Your Hotel Today to Effectively Deliver Messages to Guests!

This digital sign for hotels and other hospitality environments is a great solution for lobby displays. The flat display screen is ideal for delivering relevant and useful information to guests and visitors. This signage solution, digital sign for hotels serves almost as a guest service agent to assist hotel guests in acquiring important information such as maps, directions, activity schedules and ticket reservation information. The large flat panel displays also help attendees or business executives to both find conference rooms and view the day's lineup of meetings. This electronic lobby displayer, digital sign for hotel shows slideshows of full size images to provide dynamically changing advertisements. The easy-to-use media player offers customers an easy way to display messages and update the content on the layouts. This digital sign for hotel, also known as media player has become part of the hospitality landscape. In fact, there are many hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, cruise ships, theme parks and even casinos that are using these digital signs as an interactive kiosk to communicate information with guests, visitors and tourists.

Digital Signs How do hotels benefit by using digital signs?
  • Flexibility in creating hotel's advertisements.
  • Effectively delivers important information to guests and visitors.
  • In house advertising revenue opportunities, saving cost on other marketing media.
  • Electronically display messages, rather than employee's using their time to explain simple things.
How can hotels and resorts use digital sign?
  • Upsell hotel amenities and services offered and promote a reward program.
  • Keep guests entertained while waiting in the waiting area to check-in or to be served.
  • As wayfinding signs to show the directions to the gift shop, conference room or spa locations to guide visitors.
  • Display welcome messages to guests, visitors, tourists and convention attendees.
  • Communicate important information to visitors like meeting schedules
  • Provides guests and tourists with important information such as gift shop hours of operation or events in the area that they may be interested in.
Digital Signs

This media player is ideal for use in the front-house and back-house. Hotels can use the flat panels in lobbies to greet customers. By displaying the welcome message near the entrance area, it makes guests feel welcome as soon as they walk in. The e-posters can also be installed in the hallway outside the conference rooms to show time and locations for attendees. Not only does this electronic displayer make a great communication tool but an effective cross promotion device. The lobby displays can also be used to promote special deals like room updates and loyalty programs or let guests know about the on-site amenities offered such as restaurants, spas, swimming pools, fitness centers and gift shops. Sometimes, hotel and hospitality uses these ad players to show attractions and local events such as celebrations, festivals or parades that guests may want to know of, instead of walking to the front desk agents. Keep hotel guests in the waiting area entertained while waiting in line to check-in by displaying the LCD players at the lobby. The bright, vivid and dynamic ads on the screen are sure to capture visitors' attention. At the back of the house, hotels can mount the flat screen on cafeteria wall or the waiting areas to show safety tips or important announcements. No matter how or where this electronic device is used, whether they are for the front or back office, these media displays are proven to be a profitable investment for your establishment.

All this can be done by purchasing this bundle kit media player. Most of the LG® model ad players offered here include EzSign software layouts which includes templates with Live TV zones. The flat screen device can be mounted virtually anywhere on the wall, ceiling or on a floor stand. For some hotel, resort or spa places that already have a screen or a TV, users can get the HD media player separately. The device operates the same way which also provides plug and play capabilities. Why waste cost and time to hire an advertising firm to create ads, when these electronic displays can do it all? Customers only need to purchase once and it gives you the opportunity to create as many advertisements as you want on your LCD monitor! This media player takes your marketing effort to the next level!

In order to stretch your dollar even further, we are now providing this system with free templates for users! There are hundreds of creatively designed pages available to choose from. All the templates come in many different themes such as holiday, transportation, travel, wayfinding and food services. Users can access the free online template software by clicking into Templates2Go, creating an account and logging in to get to those pre-designed layouts pages. This media player utilizes a USB port and thumb drive to quickly and easily show an electronic display on a LCD or LED screen. With so many different styles, users are sure to find something perfect to show their information. Free templates are offered to make it more convenient for users the utilize the software. Rather than having to start everything from the scratch, simply just pick the design that you love, copy it to your account and insert your text! The software is very easy to use. Simply plug in the USB and play! Of course, more advanced users can also create their own layout from scratch using the included software.

These media players are perfect for hotels, resorts, spas and hospitality waiting areas. Whether the information needs to be updated weekly, daily or even multiple times per day this is a great solution! Now with this device, the message can be posted in just minutes! Hotels and other hospitality facilities can do all this simply by ordering this interactive hardware and software at an affordable price from this website. The ad players, media players, bundled kits and free template software provide a great display solution for any hospitality industries. In addition to these solutions, Displays2go also manufactures other point of purchase displays. Visit this online super store today to see thousands of unique merchandise that can help create successful marketing events!