Polystyrene Picture Frames FAQ

Polystyrene Picture Frames FAQ

What is a Polystyrene Frame?

Polystyrene is a versatile plastic that can be rigid or foamed. General purpose polystyrene is clear, hard and brittle. It has a relatively low melting point. In its solid form, polystyrene is one of the denser plastics, used as an inexpensive glazing material and for a wide range of moulded frames.

Why choose Polystyrene Frame?

  • Durable, environmental friendly
  • Lightweight, low freight
  • Pay substantially less than the same look in wood or aluminum
  • Exceeds your expectations yet satisfy your budget

What do polystyrene frames include?

  • (1) A 1/4" thick black backing board
    • The black foam board allows you to center the image against an attractive background if the art size doesn't perfectly match the frame size.
  • (2) A clear, non-reflective cover lens
    • The water-resistant transparent lens protects your graphics from dust or moisture damage
    • PLEASE NOTE: The provided PVC lens is made from flexible plastic. This is not a glass lens.
  • (3) Mouldings in different colors: Shiny Silver, Contemporary Black, Satin Gold and Wood Cherry
    • Narrow edge series: 3/4"w with extra detail on inner and outer edges
    • Wide edge series: 1-1/2"w
    • Please allow 3/8" border around your signs
  • (4) 4 hanging brackets
    • Hangers are incorporated into the back of each frames for you to hang your artworks vertically or horizontally.
  • (5) Retainer clips
    • Retaining tabs mounted along the corners and sides of the back-loading picture frame. Helping hold your drawings tightly and in the appropriate position.
    • Pictures can be easily framed by bending the retaining clips and inserting the media in between the foam board and clear front cover.

What are polystyrene picture frames typically used for?

  • Large printed photos
  • Sports idol portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Movie posters
  • First Aid instruction
  • Maps
  • Floor Plan
  • Announcement
  • Recycling guide
  • Today's Special
  • Advertisements
  • Travel information

Are polystyrene frames good for upscale environments?

These Polystyrene Frames are included in our line of lightweight and cheap Picture Frames. They are designed for price point reasons only and may not be appropriate for upscale environment or outdoor use.