Comment Boxes | Floor Standing & Countertop - Various Materials

Comment Boxes for Retail Stores, Schools and Offices Help Collect Votes & Suggestions

These floor stand ballot boxes can be used for electionsThese comment boxes provide employee business feedback, customer ideas and help improve business service. Comment boxes can be placed in any area such as library, university cafeteria, clinical waiting room, employee lobby, and restaurant or store entrance. Our multipurpose wall mount drop cases, floor standing contest Kiosk and other table top boxes are made from various materials. These suggestion boxes can be used to collect prize cards, sweepstakes, entry forms and reward surveys.

Need ballot bins and also an affordable solution? Corrugated cardboard comment boxes are the solution. Cardboard displays are offered in countertop or floor standing models along with the colors black, white and red. Cardboard collection boxes are ideal for trade shows. These models fold completely flat, making for easy storage and transport. Because they are so cost effective, larger quantities of this comment box can be purchased at lower prices.

Corrugated cardboard suggestion boxes are an affordable optionUse these displays in classrooms for students to leave comments or take votes! Teachers can use collection boxes to do daily or weekly trivia and have students answer questions. A registration box is a great way to improve teacher-student interaction and to get kids more excited to learn. Also tally class officer elections with these ballot boxes.

These ballot boxes can also be used to assist you with your polling station and gather votes. Some of our comment drop boxes with customizable Graphic Holders may serve many different purposes and promotions. Additional literature pockets/ holders are designed for you to dispense vote cards, brochures, flyers, registration forms or take away catalogs. Some comment boxes feature a generous space to collect large volume of information. A locked comment box is a secure display to place in a public area for an election to gather vote cards, comments or ideas over an extended period of time without tampering.

Prize wheels are great for drawing crowds at trade showsUnlike an electronic or software based suggestion submission system, these locking boxes provide customers a direct way to add your input on the spot at the time of business. Put these key drop boxes in a very prominent area and make the items seem appealing & accessible. Once you have started gathering suggestions, assess the criticism or compliment and use it constructively to start making more feasible changes. Then you can work your way up to the more drastic or financially pressing changes. To find the right suggestion box that meets your point of purchase display needs, click the pictures below or view our entire.