Assembly: NS Business Flags

Uploaded on 02 November, 2015

These pre-printed business flags come with messages to fit any sort of establishment! With an included ground spike, the message banners are easy to assemble and install outside your store. Watch as Lauren assembles this business flag with ease!


Included with this product you will find the following components. Find a good spot of landscape where the pole can be hammered into the ground. A grassy patch of solid earth like this one is perfect. Unzip the canvas carrying bag and take out all of the components.  Grab the ground spike first and remove the protective cover. Drive the stake into the earth trying to maintain a vertical angle. Start to hammer the stake, making sure to watch your fingers. Lauren found it easiest to hold onto the cylinder that comes off the side. This is where the flag pole will go later. Just keep hammering until you feel like the stake is in the ground securely. Pick up the bottom pole that has the bracket clip attachment. This bracket is meant to be the bottom portion of the flag pole. Notice that the top part of the pole has indentations on the side. These are to stop the other pole from nesting completely once attached. Keeping this in mind, insert the middle leg into the bottom pole. Repeat this step with the top pole, allowing the indentations to catch this leg from sliding all the way in. Then take the flexi-pole and insert it into the top leg of the flagpole. Now you’re ready to put the flag on. Feed the flexi-pole into the opening of the flag where the rope is. Continue to thread the flagpole all the way through the flags’ sleeve until it is pulled taut. Then, taking the rope, loop it through the bracket clip and tie tightly to fasten in place. Now you’re ready to insert the flag pole banner into the cylinder, and assembly is complete. The flexi-pole allows the flag to move with the wind so its orientation will pivot with the breeze. Thanks to these pre-printed feather flags your marketing message can attract attention and go with the flow!