Wooden Show Case Gives Collections an Elegant Touch

Wooden Show Case in Many Different Finishes!

Wooden Showcase Mounts to the Wall with Ease. This wooden show case, display furniture, collection gives users the perfect place to exhibit valuables. These interior design fixtures are versatile models, crafted to present nearly any item within any context. Displays2Go manufactures this wooden show case in a variety of sizes to accommodate the most expansive of collections. Each piece of display furniture is of the highest quality and value. This wooden showcase collection includes different types of towers, curved front curio cabinets, wall hanging interior design fixtures, and much more. The wood structure also provides a durable exterior. This wooden show case combines elegance and strength to make a powerful impression on audiences and users. Display furniture, like the interior design fixtures depicted, garner attention immediately. This wooden showcase is the only way to display prized possessions, artifacts, collections, or retail merchandise.

Wooden Showcase Is a Great Way to Attract Customers to Merchandise. Many of the interior design fixtures have residential designs. Does that mean that this wooden showcase collection can only be used in homes? No, it just means that this display furniture will project a home feel wherever it is placed. These interior design fixtures are a great item for libraries, schools, antique shops, boutiques, and other establishments that want a relaxing atmosphere for their patrons. The display furniture within the collection span from economic to highly decorative. Customers can option a basic, yet modern piece, or more deluxe styles. Displays2Go has an exclusive deal with top furniture designers, such as Howard Miller, Grace Tyler, and Morrison & Hewitt, so they are able to offer pieces with ornate details. Browse through the selection of designer display furniture to see various fluting and engraving options. This collection designs most of its multipurpose interior design fixtures into three distinct categories based on size. All of the showcases are available in different finishes and shapes. Less than 27” wide pieces are perfect for corner curio cabinets and smaller displays. These small interior design fixtures are also great centerpieces in larger exhibitions. 28” to 42” wide cases are versatile places to store retail items or personal trophies. The final category includes cabinets ranging in width from 42” to 72”. These showcases are designed to stand against the wall and present big collections. No matter the size of the display, these interior design fixtures will certainly fill the void and attract audiences.

What can this display furniture exhibit?
    Wooden Showcase Keeps TVs in View.
  • One of the most popular uses of these interior design fixtures is to exhibit personal accomplishments and trophies. Whether in a private or public place, this trophy display furniture collection serves as a reminder of achievements. Many of the cases are so attractive that they are a prize themselves.
  • Wall mounting interior design fixtures are a great place for holding fine china and other household pieces. The glass shelving is adjustable on most interior design fixtures and features grooves for securely holding plates in place. Many of the wall mounts feature intricate designs, so home owners will hang them proudly in their rooms.
  • Jewelry stores and other retail shops often use these counters and podiums to advertise their high end merchandise. Available in full vision styles, these models let customers see the pieces from every angle without removing it from the display. There are also larger sales counters available for store configurations.
  • Residential TV stands are also included in this collection. These television pedestals provide ample space for supporting monitors and cabinet space for television accessories. The glass on the hinged doors allows infrared beams to pass, so remote controls can be used.
Are there any special features included with these interior design fixtures?
    Wooden Showcase Is Perfect for Museums.
  • Many of the different models include wheels at the base for easy maneuvering from one area to another. These wheels can lock to keep the cabinetry in place. Display furniture with wheels is helpful in retail stores and museum that may want to reorganize their pieces.
  • Sliding glass tops are nice addition to these models. They provide easy access for users to manipulate the contents within the display furniture. These doors come with different style locks to insure the security of show case items.
  • The tops of many of the interior design fixtures include halogen lighting to spotlight specific features of the display items. Some of them have lights built into the top of display, while others have track lighting that brightens precise positions. Lighted styles often include mirrored glass at the base to completely illuminate the showcase.
Museums and other exhibitions need interior design fixtures to properly present special pieces. They highlight the most interesting aspects of any item, while preventing patrons from touching them. The clear display area is crafted out of either tempered glass or acrylic. Both are very durable to decrease the likelihood of vandalism. These models are available in different styles to properly fit in with the other display furniture in the establishment. Customers can choose pedestal or post displays. Theses pedestal types have either square or hexagonal bases. The post display furniture has two sturdy black posts. There is even a table showcase with Queen Ann style legs for larger dioramas or collections. No matter which is chosen, each fixture is strong enough to endure normal wear and tear. The wooden structures come in cherry, black, silver, maple, oak, and rosewood melamine finishes. Heights range from 36” all the way to 72” tall, so customers can find the perfect level for exhibiting their pieces. Make exciting and secure showcases in any museum with the aid of these great models today!

Need the proper platform for displaying glasses within a retail store or other establishment? Look no further! These interior design fixtures have either glass shelves or rods for holding frames. Glasses of all types can be securely displayed on the shelves and rods. These interior design fixtures come in tower and table styles. The tables have 48” x 20” x 9” display areas, which is ample space for laying out elaborate collections. Legs come in either tapered or Queen Ann style. One of the tapered leg designs includes drawers for keeping eyewear accessories or excess merchandise. The tower optical cases are either 69” or 76” tall depending on which style of display furniture is chosen. These displays come in cherry wood finish, gray laminate, or green laminate. Pick the one that will best fit with the décor of the establishment. Locking cabinet space is included with each optical display tower for securely holding eye wear. These models also include side by side pull out trays. The trays are the perfect area for temporarily placing glasses when getting ready to try on numerous pairs. One of the optical towers in this category includes both shelving and rods. On one side of the display there are two glasses rods that can hold up to twenty different frames, while the other side has four movable glass shelves. The shelves are ¼” thick to support an assortment of glasses. This display furniture collection has the best choice for exhibiting eye wear of all sorts.

Many of the items depicted in this collection are available for expedited shipment. Be sure to check out the quick shipping category. Some of the most popular interior design fixtures are included in this section. Look for the desired interior design fixture in this section right now! Different sizes and styles are currently available. There are many of the finest tower cabinets, museum displays, and retail show cases in stock and ready to ship. These pieces of display furniture are usually preassembled within the on-site warehouse. The fact that many of the models are already put together means they can be sent out days, sometimes a whole week, earlier. Once the order is received, there are specific instructions that need to be followed to insure that the item is in the best condition. Watch this informative video for a step by step process. No other display furniture retailer can make this shipment offer. Take advantage of quick shipment right now!

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