Certificate Frames Display Awards and Documents!

Certificate Frames Elegantly Showcase Documents

Certificate frames will take those old awards and diplomas and make them look like new. How is this possible? These certificate frames, often called diploma cases, provide an elegance and context for your accomplishments. All of these models are 8-1/2” x 11” award holders to accommodate the average sized diploma. These certificate frames are competitively priced and come in a variety of styles. Since the late medieval age, universities have been giving out accreditations and diplomas for satisfactory completion of course work. However, graduates back then did not have access to the wide variety of certificate frames at Displays2Go.com! Browse through all of the document covers for wall and tabletop showcase. These certificate frames are of the highest quality. There is guaranteed to be the right diploma cases for your budget and situation.

Certificate Frames What Can You Put in Certificate Frames?
  • Academic diplomas such as teaching, high school, college, graduate, military or doctorial degrees work great in these cases.
  • Document covers are the perfect size for birth certificates, wedding certificates, and other personal documents that you want to showcase.
  • These diploma showcases can accommodate any sort of board accreditation or membership certificate.
Where Do People Hang These Certificate Frames?
  • Professional places of work, such as doctor, dentist, and law offices are a great place for diploma displays.
  • These award frames look great as part of a trophy display in your home to commemorate your success.
  • Set up document covers on the walls of your school, library, or museum to showcase your accomplishments to the public.

When people think of document covers this line of wooden holders almost always comes to mind first. Classic and omnipresent, these wooden diploma cases will never go out of style. Everyone, from Fulbright scholars to GED students, needs award storing frames like these because they emphasize the success of any academic, athletic, or other accomplishments. Able to mount to any wall and stand on a table vertically or horizontally, these document covers come in black, brown, or pine wood finishes for your display. There are also diploma cases from this line with gold trims on the molding. This is a nice aesthetic touch that will call attention to your award. These document storing models coordinate with almost any showcase environment.

Another popular style of award holders is our matted document frames. The elegant border on these diploma display cases provides a nice buffer between your accomplishment and the framing. Displays2go.com sells these document covers in a myriad of different styles. Our warehouse is fully stocked with your choice of black, brown, faux-wood, light gold, dark gold, and champagne plastic finished diploma holders. There are also mahogany and black diploma cases available. Some of the award holders have molding along the edges for added elegance. Such a detail adds a touch of class to your document covers. There are matted diploma holders for you no matter the décor of your home, office, restaurant, or other establishment. These award showcases include an easel backing for tabletop or desk showcases, but can also be implemented in wall displays. Advertise your accomplishments in either portrait or landscape format. If you have an award that is a little bigger than a standard diploma, you can remove the matting from these diploma displays. These document holders are a versatile way to showcase your commendations.

A little less conventional, but just as functional, is acrylic award showcases. These diploma displays have a lightweight and clear, but highly durable exterior. This is a great choice for those wanting frameless document covers. Slide-in frames from this collection load from the top and feature rounded edges. These award displays stand right on your office desk and can be taken apart with ease. Slide in your paper accomplishment or sandwich it in between the two plastic lenses and slide them through the two columns. These diploma showcases can be curved or flat. Other acrylic document covers are acrylic faced and mount to nickel backers with front screws. End caps are included on these certificate holders to hide the hardware. These choices are sure to get your awards noticed without you calling attention to them.

Are you searching for award holders that are easy to load? Our warehouses are full of slide-in diploma cases for your wall displays. Once mounted these award holders never have to come off the wall. You can conveniently position your document within these covers. These diploma cases include a backer for supporting your documents and a clear plastic overlay. This overlay serves as a protective cover against fading and vandalism. Simply load your paper award through the top opening, slide the plastic in front, and bask in the glory of your accomplishments. In addition to the plastic overlay, these certificate displays have continuous, uninterrupted borders. This style makes it extremely difficult for anyone tamper with your award. These diploma showcases feature a slim profile design. Such a design makes allows the covers to call attention to your document without taking up a great deal of space on your wall. These award frames can be mounted either in portrait or landscape style, making for an extremely versatile display. The cases are crafted from a very stable metal. Choose award holders of this ilk in either a matte black finish or matte silver finish. Despite their durability, these diploma cases feature a price that will not break your budget. These models are ideal for customers who want to display their accomplishments in high traffic areas. They are frequently used in school foyers and lobbies to advertise Blue Ribbon Awards, National Merit Scholarships, or other scholastic institution merits. These certificate displays make sign changes easy.

An additional suggestion to those seeking an easy to use alternative to back loading document covers is clip frames. These diploma showcases make displaying your awards a snap! The front loading design clasps onto documents with metal hinges built into the border. Open each side of the award holders, neatly place your diploma, and snap the holder closed. Poster grippers of this type are the latest framing technology and very easy to use. These models are available in black and silver finish for both wall and table displays. A non-glare, plastic lens comes with all of these diploma cases to protect and showcase your achievements. These document covers can easily change from vertical to horizontal positioning. For information regarding this technology, visit this helpful clip frame page.

Our final option for front loading award holders is a swing door model. These document showcases are commonly found in higher-end businesses and professionals’ offices. Place your doctorate degree, masters in business administration, state law license, or other professional credentials in these award holders. Provide the proof visitors and patients need to trust your services right on your wall. The acrylic lens on these diploma cases makes for easy viewing, while protecting awards from vandalism. Equipped with a unique gravity lock system, these picture holders open and close easily for loading your precious documents. These document holders are wall mounting diploma cases with a cherry wood finish. Functional in nearly any environment, these award frames are sure to appeal to potential clients and business partners.

If you are for award holders that are even less expensive, check out our economy line of document covers. These diploma holders have everything you need to show off your degree, citation, or acknowledgement without any of the frills of more expensive models. The simple construction makes these frames the most traditional frames our warehouse stocks. All of the document holders from this line include a plastic or wood frame and a glass lens. Although the award cases are made of a lightweight plastic or wood, they are so durable that you will swear these award displays are crafted from metal. Choose black or silver color to match your specific décor. Capable of wall mounting as well as standing on any table, desk, or counter surface, these diploma cases open from the back like conventional picture holders. Simply unclip the black backing and find the perfect placement for your commendation. The wood award cases have an appealing molding along the border. This nuance subtly attracts interest from viewing audiences. Economically priced diploma frames include an easel backing for tabletop use. Users desiring to hang their diploma displays from a wall merely need to hammer a nail through the provided latches. You can set up these document covers almost as soon as you receive it in the mail.

D2go has been a leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling wall mount and table standing document holders for decades. There are over one million different offerings, ranging from poster grippers to wall frames to clip frames to the award holders seen here, available for shipment right now in our warehouse. Our marketing and advertising team is constantly updating and adding innovative document showcases to our catalogue. New wall mount displays, floor showcases, picture frames, and other items are being released daily, so check back often. Furthermore, our warehouse is capable of making shipping promises that other companies cannot. With a real warehouse located in Bristol, R.I., Displays2go offers same day shipping for almost all award holders purchased before 1:00 p.m. EST. Such a policy keeps us ahead of the competition. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our merchandise, feel free to contact us. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. For online shopping help, try the live chat feature. Not just for award holders, Displays2go.com is a one stop shop for all things display!