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Clip Frames Easily Snap Open for Quick Poster Changes

Clip FrameDo you have a hard time loading conventional snap frames? These photograph clip frames make showcasing your messages a snap! They are simple front loading and sandwich style photo holders for fast sign alterations. All of these clip frames have either four metal hinged edges that quickly open and close or a set of spring clips that fasten the glass panels together. The snap-open styles include a PVC lens to prevent glare for easy viewing. The poster clip frames are versatile and can be loaded with literally hundreds of different messages, so garnering attention from any audience is simple. These picture displays are ideal for advertising movies at a movie theater, photos & paintings at art galleries, menus & specials outside of a restaurant, announcements at a school or government building, or business signage. This website is home to one of the largest online selections of framing solutions. Museums, schools, libraries, retail stores, galleries, businesses, theaters, and restaurants across the country buy their clip frame holders here. Fill the blank spaces on your wall or in your lobby with a variety of different sign displays or floor standing photo fixtures.

For images smaller than 17", there is a smaller collection of photo clip frames that are perfect. 11"w x 17"h wall mounts are ideal for award certificates, graduation pictures, or baseball ticket collections. A clip frame of this size is just one of the specialty items offered here. Commemorate invitations to special events or advertise your company with these easy-to-use displays. The picture clip frames are able to hang in landscape and portrait format, which is great for family portraits. If those configurations are too large, there are several photo holders in 8-1/2"w x 11"h sizes and below. Many of these poster clip frame styles are capable of being both wall frames and countertop displays. The picture framing is great for any message that fits on a conventional piece of printer paper as well as more diminutive prints. Found primarily in homes or offices, these snap and clip frames keep pictures of loved ones safe under a plastic or glass lens. Users can mount these snap displays on a wall with the provided screws and anchors, or prop the back up with the easel stand for countertop showcases. Some of the larger designs have pedestal bases or free-standing posts that can be set up on the floor. The floor standing poster and photo frames are often double-sided, so creating high impact presentations in hotel lobbies, school foyers, apartment complexes, and convention centers is simple. One of the poster clip frames even features two posts and a metal base for extra stability. Many of these photo holders and snap frames in the collection come with either clear, black, or silver polished finishes to match most any d├ęcor.

Art Clip FramesThe medium sized clip frame selection has some of the most popular items. These units range in size to accommodate media like movie or art posters. Since the second century A.D., people have been using picture framing to hold portraits and other types of artwork. Although the ones used back then didn't have a clip-in design, the photo displays have been accepted as the best way to showcase art for over one thousand years. Movie theaters and film memorabilia collectors trust this collection of sign grippers for their displays. This line includes the 27" x 41" frame size, which holds the standard Hollywood film poster, and the 30" x 40" for United Kingdom film releases. Movie museums and art award presentations house their collections in print holders like these. These medium photo display systems also function well in more everyday settings, like supermarkets and retail stores. Advertise a sale on food or clothes with an economy 18"w x 24"h model or any of the other wall photo fixtures in this line feature black and silver anodized finished.

Waterproof and outdoor styles are also available in this medium size. The snap framing is rated for exterior use and will stand up against the elements making them great alternatives to quadro designs. These sign snap frame holders prevent against rust and have weather stripping on the inside. The PVC plastic lens also makes sure that no rain, snow, hail, or sleet gets on your display. This durable plastic lens also makes sure that your posters stay in place. Movie theaters, playhouses, casinos, concert halls, and other performance centers love these waterproof frames with poster grip ability for their outdoor displays. These units have a locking door, so you can keep your advertisement out all day and night. Each weatherproof photo frame comes with an Allen wrench for locking and unlocking the framing. Furthermore, all outdoor wall mounting equipment, such as screws and wall anchors, is included with these units. No matter your budget, there are frames for signs in a size and style for you.

Framing for Pictures and SignsClipping holders offered here range from large to extra large sizes. These models are called over-sized displays for posters. Giant graphics are a great way to gain attention in heavily populated areas. Conventions and showcases need images of this size to get customers interested in their exhibit. Stores in malls often use them to make their advertisements stand out. These picture stands can showcase messages five feet tall! Place these photo stands in your retail shop to fill voids in wall displays. Keep your large posters and works of art in convenient framing. Most of the items in this line come with the standard silver polished metal edging, which fits in with nearly any advertising environment.

Some of the biggest snap-open frames in this line feature lockable holders for heightened security. An Allen wrench is included with these picture displays for easy locking and unlocking. This locking frame is great for public displays that cannot be monitored all of the time. You can rest assured that the poster or advertisement in your bus terminal, train station, or airport will never be vandalized. Private collectors of art and other memorabilia also prefer this model when displaying collections. Like the other large wall units, these locking models mount easily to any plaster or wood wall. Large photo holders allow customers to look at your advertisements, but make it impossible for them to be touched.

This frame design also translates over to units in our floor display line. Very popular in any lobby area, these floor standing poster frames provide school foyers, library vestibules, hotel buffets, and airport check-ins with the elegant signage they need. Like the other wall mounts from our collection, all of these are front loading. Our catalog includes a wide variety of models for shoppers to browse. Double-sided, or two-sided, floor standing photo holders make it easy to showcase two different messages or display the same poster in opposite directions. Advertise your messages in angled fixtures on one or two posts. Tilting and adjustable height displays adapt to the perfect vantage point for your customer. European curved posting holders add a sense of regality to your floor showcase. Curved models are also available with tilting capabilities and rotating stands for car dealership floor showcases or boat shows. Retail stores enjoy these indoor letter board signs with castors for easy to move signage. There are brochure holders available as accessories. Great for advertising mall shops, recreation facilities, and different properties at real estate agencies, these framing selections include metal or acrylic holders of up to four different brochures.

Where do businesses use these picture frames?
  • Banks, hotels, and schools utilizes snapping frames in their lobbies to inform people about the latest deals and events.
  • Outdoor rated poster fixtures are the choice for movie theaters, casinos, and convention centers trying to entice customers in their facilities.
  • Restaurants showcase menus and specials on floor standing or wall mounts to let people know what's being served.
What are the benefits of using photo holders?
  • The fast action framing opens on the side for extremely easy poster loading and removal.
  • These picture displays are sturdy and secure your messages into the exact place you want them.
  • Floor standing and wall frames in many different sizes come with snap-action frames.

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