Digital Signage Solutions Including All-in-One Kits!

So you’ve heard about "dynamic sign content", but what is a "digital signage solution" exactly? Companies all over, ranging from retail stores to supermarkets, are all utilizing this type of media. Digital signage solutions use the latest technology to effectively communicate with customers and employees alike. These dynamic sign systems offer many different ways for you to create presentations that will help advertise your products or inform passersby and employees of upcoming events and important changes that may be happening. Digital signage solutions, like these media displays, are found in many styles of businesses, including banks, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, as well as office lobbies. Digital signage solutions like the ones seen here will make your business more exciting. These dynamic advertising systems will also save users money over time versus the use of traditional printed posters.

What are the different digital signage solutions available to customers?
  • Simple slideshow systems, which use a USB drive to upload files to the media player.
  • Full-screen slideshow solutions with online management.
  • LG® monitors complete with EzSign software & pre-made templates.

Digital Signage Solutions are exemplary for Creating Dynamic Advertising SystemsThere are (2) different digital media players that you can choose from: simple stand-alone USB-based media player and integrated systems within a flat-screen monitor. The stand-alone media player allows users to play a full screen slideshow, with different transitions, off of a USB flash drive. This digital signage solution has no networking capabilities; in order to change presentations, a user must remove the USB flash stick, upload images from his or her personal computer, and then reinsert the thumb drive into the media player. This dynamic software system plays back in HD to provide crisp, high quality images for view by passersby.(Please note that the digital signage media player is equipped with composite cables. HDMI cords are sold separately.) In order to display PowerPoint presentations, users will have to save each slide as its own individual .jpg or other compatible format. This digital signage solution also does not require any subscription fees to use the software or media players.

The second media player option is having the device as part of a flat-screen monitor. What this means is that the hardware required to play a slideshow presentation is located inside of the TV. All a user has to do is plug a USB flash drive or an external storage device into the monitor! Not only does this eliminate confusion but it also simplifies the process of finding the right hardware to create a digital sign and minimizes costs! There is no need to purchase separate HDMI cables. Users won’t have to find ways to cleverly attach a media player to the backside of a monitor! The integrated systems are simple, easy-to-use and affordably priced!

Digital Signage Solutions are Sold by This Trusted Provider at Affordable Prices Where are digital signage solutions used?
  • Restaurants, bars & nightclubs
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Schools & University Campuses
  • Trade Shows & Convention Centers
  • Casinos & Gaming
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Retail Stores & Shopping Malls
  • Car dealerships
  • Transportation Facilities
  • & Many More!

Also included in this selection are many different packages that will give you everything you need to get started. Digital poster frames include a commercial monitor, designed to display your dynamic signs. These commercial monitors are available in 3 different sizes, including 32", 40" and 52". Commercial-grade TVs are designed with the following issues in mind: impact resistance, cooling, dust management, and vigorous power supplies. These flat panel televisions are much more durable than their residential counterparts, and come equipped with a 3-year limited warranty. Each commercial monitor has a rated life in years, out in the field. They are designed for up to 16 hours of consistent daily use, unlike consumer-grade monitors.

In addition to individual media players, complete packages are also offered for the convenience of customers. The poster stand packages seen above feature a media player, commercial monitor, and some of the best selling poster stands this provider has to offer. Each category of advertising systems includes one of the four media players mentioned above. Depending on your dynamic sign display needs, one of the above categories is sure to have the solution for you! The television stands are included with each package for users to create eye catching video displays for use in a variety of indoor locations, such as trade shows, shopping malls, and even transportation facilities. Buy dynamic advertising solutions from Displays2go, a trusted provider of quality products.

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