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lightbox sign at night Each light box sign creates a beacon out of advertisements and directories. People all over the world have started introducing these displays in their advertising campaigns, information kiosks, offices, and homes. How do these lightbox signs work? There are bulbs built into the poster frames that spread light out across posters, photos, and other graphics. A light box sign offers either edge lighting or back lighting. Choose different styles based on the situation. Many graphics displays, light box signs prevent against “hot and cold” spots and uneven lighting with a unique diffusion pattern. Many different LED and CCFL styles are currently in stock. sells these lightbox signs, also known as illuminated signage, in economic and deluxe models. Heighten posters and events with the bright lights in the frames. Each light box sign is an essential marketing tool designed to last a long time. Try a floor standing, wall mounting, or ceiling hanging model. These lightbox signs in our extensive catalog have everything necessary to start a promotional push. There are even translucent posters for custom graphics in many sizes made particularly for these units on sale now.

outdoor light box sign promotes new products

How durable is this light box sign?

  • All of these illuminated displays are designed to run continuously without any sort of flaw. Many of the models within this collection will not need any repair even after ten years of use and are rated for outdoor use.
  • This light box sign has strong exteriors for withstanding frequent use. Frames are often a black or silver polished aluminum metal that will not rust or fall apart. Furthermore, the lens on this lightbox sign is made from sturdy clear acrylic.
  • Many of the styles included in this collection actually require less energy than traditional lighted signage. This fact means that these lightbox signs will run for a longer time, while costing users less in electrical bills. LED is the most energy efficient, while fluorescent is the least.

What types of illumination are used with these light box signs?

  • LED, or light-emitting diode, technology is available in the slim poster frames and open signage offered here. This light box sign uses a semiconductor to illuminate the images in the display. Using electron flow, LED lighting is commonly found in traffic lights and infrared technology, such as remote controls
  • Lightbox signs that utilize T5 fluorescent bulbs, or T5 fluorescent lighting systems, were introduced into the market place in 1995 and are steadily growing in popularity amongst the major luminaire manufacturers. The three top lamp companies in America currently use these systems. Each light box sign is designed for a T5 fluorescent bulbs, which are 5/8" thick and extremely bright for their size.
  • For more detailed analysis regarding the differences between LED light panels and T5 fluorescent lighting systems please consult the comparison page or a customer service representative. Both can provide a list of pros and cons regarding the difference in technology.

3 panel LED light box sign with product promotionsThe most basic models in terms of style are the lightbox signs that utilize LED technology. These outdoor displays can accommodate posters and photos in a variety of different sizes. Each light box sign, also known as LED illuminated frames, from this selection range in size from 8-1/2” x 11” to 47” x 94” frames. There is certainly a display that can fill the void on any interior wall. These thin lightbox signs are all ultra thin showcases. The lightweight frames on each of these models extend less than 1” from the wall. Each light box sign is available in two distinct LED classes: economy and deluxe. Both styles are high quality and offer unique selling points. The economy line is, as the name implies, affordably priced. Prices on these models cannot be beat! Economy LED sign frames cut down on costs with two chip lighting technology and a thinner panel than more expensive styles. However, the deluxe models in this collection are well worth the price. These LED units offer three chip lighting systems, which are approximately 70% brighter than two chip styles. Furthermore, the deluxe version has a thick acrylic lens with a remarkably even diffusion pattern and include UL power adapters.

Looking for an alternative to LED and neon lights? T5 fluorescent bulbs are a great option for companies and advertisers. These lights diffuse 3000 LUX rated illumination evenly throughout the display. The pattern of diffusion on these illuminated poster frames is set in a patented design that makes the center slightly brighter. These fluorescent lights are some of the most powerful currently used in poster displays. The bulbs on these models are extremely easy to change and can be done without moving the frame from the wall.

In addition to menu boards, this online catalog includes many other light box signs for restaurants and retail stores. Neon marker boards are a great way to advertise specials and sales. The collection of LED lit marker boards in this catalog is unparalleled. These edge lighted frames have 13 different settings for highlighting messages. Using neon markers, these lighted boards will mesmerize customers. All of the boards are 18” x 25” and hang on the wall in any establishment. Some of the lighted boards come in a package that includes an easel and neon markers.

Totem light box sign with illuminated posterIf there is not enough space on the wall or ceiling to attach illuminated poster frames, there are plenty of great floor standing solutions. Showcase posters in a variety of different stands. This dual sided totem, lightbox sign is great for advertising to customers coming from either direction. These models have paneled bases in gray, blue, or green colors. Floor standing directories are a great addition in malls, department stores, or any other large establishment. These directories come in many different sizes to accommodate the dimensions of the signage. Thin light boxes are also popular for lightweight and low profile purposes. Durably constructed from metal, many of these lit-up poster frames can display in both portrait and landscape formats. Economic styles are also available. These outdoor light box signs feature clear acrylic exteriors with metal screws for holding images in place. Supplementary advertising accessories such as literature holders and brochure racks come with these acrylic displays. Get the backlit graphics that meets specific needs and budgetary restrictions here.

While the previous illuminated poster frames are meant for interior use, is proud to offer a line of exterior rated lighted panels. There are four different outdoor models to support images of various sizes. These illuminated panels are available in 18” x 24”, 22” x 28”, 24” x 36”, and 36” x 48” dimensions. No matter the size of the exterior rated T5 fluorescent frame, users can simply slide their posters into the four metal clips and the lights will take care of the rest. This lighted signage protects outdoor images and posters from the elements. All of the displays have a rubber strip that keeps moisture and condensation out of the showcase.

There are many other great signage display options offered here in addition to the models depicted above. Displays2Go manufactures conventional poster frames, digital poster signage as well as almost any POP showcase imaginable. This catalog is constantly expanding to include the latest models and innovations in display. Come back frequently to see all the new additions. If any questions arise, please feel free to call 1-800-572-2194 or live chat with a customer service agent. These representatives are waiting for calls Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Shop with the world leader in the field!