Plastic Folding Tables | Lightweight Blow Molded Design

Lightweight Portable Folding Tables: Commercial Grade Rectangular and Round Tables

Blow molded tables.Where are these plastic folding tables commonly used? Banquet halls and hotels typically use these lightweight portable furniture fixtures to providing seating for large parties or functions. These plastic folding tables feature a blow molded tabletop surface which is very durable and lightweight. These plastic folding tables are also frequently used by trade show vendors. Many times tables are not provided at trade show or convention center events. These portable folding tables can easily be carried to and from a trade show with little effort. All of the units featured here have a handle grip that makes carrying them that much easier. There are tabletops available in various shapes and sizes; something to meet any need or function.

What are some of the benefits to using this portable furniture?

  • The blow molded tabletop surfaces on these plastic folding tables make these units light and easy to transport.
  • The folding design of these fixtures make them more manageable while carrying.
  • One person can easily set up one of these lightweight tables.

round plastic folding tables.The round plastic folding table products featured here are some of the bestselling units on this website. Purchasing agents for restaurants, hotels and large convention centers buy these round lightweight units by the hundreds to outfit their meeting rooms. Portable furniture makes it easy for set up and take down of banquet halls. These round lightweight tables when used in conjunction with colored linens look fabulous. Regular tradeshow attendees use these plastic folding tables to create an enticing presentation, or work area. The legs on these units are durable metal that fold down for ease of storing. On the bottom of the legs are plastic foot caps that help to minimize floor scratching. The legs on these tables also lock in place to prevent any tipping or mishaps. Also featured on these folding plastic tables are a grip handle. With the tables folded in half, the handle allows the user an easy way to transport the table to and from an event. The stacking design of these units enables users to pile these tables on top of one another when not in use; thereby taking up less storage space than the traditional wood tables.

In addition to the plastic folding table product line, there is also a large selection of wood units. These wood fixtures, like the lightweight plastic units feature collapsible legs to help save on storage space. These banquet tables are just as durable as most portable office furniture, yet weigh a lot more. Party supply rental companies tend to use these wood tables, as they are more rugged than the lightweight plastic products. Among these round tables there are two sizes currently available; five foot and six foot diameter. The smaller unit can accommodate eight chairs, while the larger one can hold ten chairs comfortably. Both sizes of tables have all the same features, and both can be folded in half and either stowed away or carried around with the provided handle. Another great feature of these tables is the type of plastic used during the manufacturing process. HDPE or high density polyethylene is both strong and stain resistant. The final component of these products that adds to the overall strength is the durable metal legs. With all of these great features its no wonder that these tables practically sell out as soon as they are put into stock.

Lightweight Tables The rectangular units featured here are favorites among wedding and event planners that need to seat a large number of people. This portable furniture can easily seat twelve chairs; (six on each side). Many times these folding tables are used as a cake display area, or as the head table. The legs and tabletop surface are usually covered with a tablecloth and table skirt that is the same color as the wedding theme. Use several of these durable tables together to form a buffet line, or carving station. Much like the round fixtures these rectangular products fold in half so it can be transported easier, and take up less space in the storage room. All of the features of the round products are also featured on these traditional rectangle units as well. For example; all of them feature a handle, locking legs, and foot caps to prevent floor marring. Additionally, this commercial portable furniture line is made with HDPE blow molded plastic which makes these units lightweight, weighing less than 50 lbs.

What shipping methods are available for these units?
  • All of the lightweight fixtures featured here qualify for standard ground shipping.
  • Expedited shipping is also available for these banquet tables.
  • For orders that are placed prior to 1pm, all in stock tables and chairs ship the same day.

There are many other complementary products that are commonly used along with all of the tables featured here. Some of the many examples are; linens, place card holders, banquet chairs and sign displays. Most large meetings and wedding receptions have assigned seating. The place card holders offered here provide a means for holding a table number or name card to assist in ensuring that guests sit in the correct seat. In addition, linens are a must have when hosting a large party or function. Manufacturing lightweight blow molded tabletops and other merchandising racks for over 39 years (since 1974), this ever-growing product line contains thousands of products in stock and ready to ship. Nearly 98% of the orders processed on a daily basis ship within 24 hours. All in stock orders received by 1pm ships the same day while all others ship the next business day. Orders can easily be placed from this website or over the phone. There are customer service specialists available weekdays from 8:30am to 5:00pm to assist with any product or shipping questions, or to simply place an order. We are America's largest manufacturer of merchandising displays.