Slim Light Boxes Offered In Various Styles & Sizes

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These slim light boxes make regular prints and posters more enticing by adding edge lighting!These slim light boxes offer bright, even lighting along with an overall profile of less than one inch. With edge lit LED technology, there is never any unwanted shadowing or hot and cold spots. These slim light boxes mimic the looks of a traditional metal picture frame. Once the unit is mounted it never has to come down; the four sides snap open to allow for easy poster changes. How are these slim light boxes mounted to the wall? All of the necessary hardware to mount these thin lightboxes is included with every purchase; a few screws and wall anchors are all that is required. This slim light box is offered in black or silver framing.These slim light boxes are suitable for just about any commercial setting, from hotel lobbies, casinos, high-end retail stores, the possibilities are endless. Movie theaters use these thin profile panels to display upcoming feature presentations. Likewise; restaurant owners use these ultra slim light boxes to display the daily menu for patrons to browse through while they are waiting to be seated. No matter what the need or function; these LED lightbox frames will surely not disappoint.

Use this slim light box to enhance a poster or advertisement.The latest items to be added to this large selection of ultra slim lightboxes are these economy units. With the majority of corporations on a strict budget, the engineers of this company decided to design a quality slim light box at a lower price point. How did these designers accomplish this you ask? Instead of 3 chip LED technology, 2 chip LED technology is used, as well as slightly thinner acrylic for the light panel. These slim light boxes still maintain above average lux readings, and won’t break the budget. These inexpensive lightboxes can still be hung portrait or landscape, and also feature the same convenient snap open framing as the comparable “deluxe” models.

Thin Lightboxes Draw Customers' Attention!

These slim light boxes allow for poster change outs without removing the unit from the wall.There is also a huge assortment of floorstanding slim light boxes for sale here as well. Shopping malls use a free-standing lightbox to display the store directories, or other informative information. Another slim light box offered here is this illuminated poster display. At a commanding height of almost six feet; foot traffic passing by will certainly be captivated by this huge lightbox. This slim light box is only 14” deep which allows for it to be placed anywhere in a retail location and not consume a lot of the valuable sales floor. Additionally this thin poster display is double sided thereby allowing for two times the advertising power! Unlike the slim light box for wall mounting; this unit uses standard fluorescent bulbs, yet still maintains a relatively thin design. Buy this illuminated display also features the convenient snap-frames to allow for fast signage changes.

Why are these ultra slim light boxes more expensive than fluorescent bulb units?
  • The LED technology is more costly than the standard “bulbs” used in other lightboxes.
  • The thin profile design of these ultra slim light panels adds to the overall cost of the unit.
  • As a matter of fact; when the cost of the bulbs and the energy consumption over the life of the units for fluorescent boxes is factored in, these LED lightboxes are actually cheaper!
What are some of the advantages to using these slim light boxes in comparison to those with other lighting sources?
  • There are never any bulbs that need to be changed, therefore no follow-up maintenance required.
  • These ultra thin lightboxes can last up to ten years before any light degradation starts to appear.
  • With snap-open framing these light panels never have to be taken off the wall to change out the displayed posters or signs.

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