Write-on Menu Boards Light Up with LED Systems

How Do These Write-on Menu Boards Showcase Specials?

    These write-on menu boards are designed to get notice.
  • These write-on menu boards tend to be friendly to your wallet and the environment because they require little electrical power.
  • Stress the importance of your notices and subject matters with the three color selections provided with these frames.
  • Write-on menu boards enable buyers to create business logos or taglines.
  • They can adapt to any kind of setting. Browse though all our easels specifically made to accommodate these signs.
  • Eateries, commercial shops, and different businesses utilize these write-on menu boards get notice from onlookers.
  • These write-on menu boards defend against smudging and staining.
  • The constructed in LED lights illumination up the whole black marker board, producing smooth beams of illumination.
  • These write-on menu boards include LED lights installed in the edges to disburse illumination over media content with 13 special options.

How Do You Compose Messages on Write-on Menu Boards?

    Food and drink specials are more attractive with these markers.
  • Our selection of pen sets to make sharp displays for your commercial food business.
  • Six and four packs of pens tend to be on hand and can be delivered quickly.
  • Switch up your composing and drawing style with chisel and bullet tip pens that come with varying tip measurements.
  • Colors like mustard yellow and forest green tend can be found in our earth tone marker pen sets.
  • Impress your potential clientele with neon color pens that appear vivid in any setting.
  • Our selection of wet-erase pens raises interest in your exhibits, highlighting the buyer’s critical notices.

What Are the Different Lighting Styles?

  • Includes red, blue, and green lights within the frame.
  • Make the colors flash more quickly or slowly.
  • Have all three colors on at once, two at a time, or just one.
  • Make an elaborate light display pattern of colors.
  • Vary the settings with a touch of a button.
  • Watch the video below to see these options in action.

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