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Displays2go Customer Spotlights

displays2go customer spotlights

Posted on 08, January, 2019

Last Modified on 10, April, 2020

At Displays2go, we honest-to-goodness love our customers. Over the past few years, we've turned our undivided attention to you to help direct us along our journey of offering unique and personalized solutions for businesses and individuals. You've told us what you need and what would really help you build your brand or make your day-to-day life a lot easier — and we've listened.

This page is dedicated to you. Showing off the Displays2go family with our Customer Spotlights is a way for us to represent the many kinds of people and businesses who shop with us and support our brand every day. So many of you are doing amazing things day in and day out. We can't help but want to share your stories and return the support as best we can.

Want to have your company featured in one of our Customer Spotlights? Consider becoming a Displays2go Insider. This is a term used to explain our most engaged customers who we've invited to be a part of the Displays2go journey. We'd love to have your voice in the mix! Sign up here.

Event Hub Pro

Learn More About Event Hub Pro!

In these uncertain times, we are finding hope and inspiration in our customers. Event Hub Pro is an event services company that rents their proprietary event check-in software and kiosks to golf outings and event venues in the Long Island, NY area. We're looking forward to bright and prosperous days ahead to see your brand flourish!

Learn More About Event Hub Pro

Event Hub Pro's software aims to streamline the check-in process. Some of these events have hundreds of guests, so checking all of them in with the traditional pen, paper and clipboard is a painstaking task. Event Hub’s software simplifies this process by putting RSVPs and Check-Ins all in one place. Their software also enables hosts to track arrivals and receive text notifications when certain VIP guests arrive (like celebrities) and collect lead information, import data into a CRM to follow up about future events and opportunities.

“When guests check in to a golf outing, they see the kiosks and they’re impressed. They say “I feel like I’m at an airport”... said Event Hub Pro Partner, Larry Battaglia. If you have an event to plan for the future or would like to learn more, inquires can be sent to larry.battaglia@eventhubpro.com

Watch The Video To Learn MoreWatch The Video To Learn More
What They Had To Say About Us...

What They Had To Say About Us...

“We love Displays2Go. They have the best products, great customer service and fast shipping. As a company, we buy several items throughout the year and are never disappointed. Their products are second to none. We get all our displays, acrylic lucite frames and tablet stands in this great one-stop-shop. Thank you Displays2Go!”

Secure Tablet Holder
Brass and Rope Stanchion

Freedom Boat Club

Learn More About Freedom Boat Club!

This month, we're heading to the water and featuring Freedom Boat Club as our Customer Spotlight. Their mission is simple; "to deliver a hassle-free recreational boating experience for its members", and they have been doing just that since 1989. By breaking down the barriers that come with owning a boat, they've mastered the boat sharing experience. Freedom Boat Club's innovative and customer-centric approach allows them to deliver all the joys of boating — without the hassle of owning a boat.

Boating Made Simple

“Freedom Boat Club provides you with a fleet of boats that come with less stress and a lower price tag than owning a single boat. We clean, maintain, store, and do all the prep work for your enjoyment. There are no hassles like maintenance, dock fees, insurance or trailers. Instead, you spend your time having fun on the water. You join the club, we train you, we maintain the boats, you have the fun! At Freedom Boat Club you will discover how easily you can gain access to a fleet of boats of varying sizes and styles across the US, and Canada with 190 locations.

At Freedom Boat Club, the boat is waiting. Why are you?”

- Freedom Boat Club

What They Had To Say About Us...

We buy the boats. You enjoy them. It's that simple.

What They Had To Say About Us...
What They Had To Say About Us...

“Here is what I love about Displays2go: I need it, I find it, I get it, and it is quality. I found the things I needed, and things I didn’t know I needed. One of my favorite things I didn’t know I needed, but love — is this cool planter, which keeps things charged and makes my desk look nice! We also LOVE the Kiosk, which acts like a 2nd Salesperson for us."

Touchscreen Directory Kiosk
Decorative Plant Charging Station

Stars of Hope

Learn More About Stars of Hope!

This month, our Customer Spotlight series is proud to showcase Stars of Hope. Their courageous mission to create hope and healing through art has served as an inspiration to all the lives they've impacted. At Displays2go, we are honored to have the opportunity to give the spotlight to such a worthy cause.

Create Hope One Star At A Time

"Stars of HOPE USA® is a therapeutic art program that was created after 9/11 by the New York Says Thank You Foundation. At the intersection of mental health and art, Stars of HOPE empowers people to transform communities after a natural or human-caused tragedy. We serve as beacons of compassion and introduce therapeutic art as a tool in recovery to build the resilience of survivors, first responders, and communities. Our Box of HOPE, allows you to volunteer in-office, and connect through the universal language of art to communities around the world. Our organization enables you to turn any office gathering into a creative, meaningful “pay it forward” service event. Your Box of HOPE purchase helps us to create temporary art installations in communities impacted by tragedy and fund long-term community healing art projects at Pulse Orlando, 9/11 Memorial & Museum Community Day, Charlottesville Unity Day and many more."

- Stars of Hope

Discover How It Works!

Learn More About Stars of Hope!

"We loved how using Displays2Go Art Grid Wall enabled us to create an art installation of the hundreds of Stars of HOPE created in Orlando for the Pulse Orlando CommUNITY Day. Each hand painted Star is unique, but when displayed on the grid they come together to show how we can heal together. The grid was super easy to assemble and made for an impactful display."

Stars of Hope at Pulse Nightclub

Claire Jordan Designs

Learn more about Claire Jordan Designs!

This month our Customer Spotlight features female entrepreneur Claire Jordan, founder of Claire Jordan Designs. She has built her business on integrity and kindness while treasuring every customer relationship. At Displays2go, we strive to do the same while making our products accessible to businesses of all sizes. Learn more about Claire Jordan Designs and check out her one of a kind creations!

Meet Claire Jordan and the rest of her crew
Meet Claire Jordan and the rest of her crew

"I am a greeting card and print designer. I design, create, and produce all images. My cards are popular because they are a 2 in 1 product, they can be used as greeting cards or framed as art. I've found many people like to use my work for various home decor projects, nursery and children's rooms probably being the most popular. The cards are blank on the inside so they can be used for all occasions. I didn't add words to my work because the images speak without speaking and each image has it's own unique personality.

My business is built upon integrity, faith, random acts of kindness, and strong customer relationships. I started this company on my own two years ago in Asheville, North Carolina. I'm currently based in Franklin, Tennessee and primarily run my business from my garage that serves as office/studio. I am a self taught artist and have found this endeavor to be my most important mission in life. I've put my heart and soul into this company so I have a hand on everything that comes in and goes out."

- Claire Jordan Designs

Learn more about Claire Jordan Designs!

“I adore this company. I have used them since day 1 and I will never use anyone else. I have used their racks and drop shipped their racks to customers all over the country. From the Biltmore House to boutiques in Oregon, Maine, and Mississippi! If ever there was something missing or the wrong item shipped, they took care of it immediately no questions asked. I couldn't be happier with them. From their product, to shipping and packaging, and excellent customer service! 5 stars.”

our claire jordan designs product review

Our Natural Shop

meet the creative nonfiction staff

This month our Customer Spotlight series celebrates a customer who has a true passion for their work. As a core value of Displays2go, we have found passion to be a key ingredient in getting things done and driving to win. Check out Our Natural Shop and their success in an emerging industry.

meet the Our Natural Shop Crew

"Our Natural Shop is an online retail company that is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We pride ourselves in the culture of our company that has been built on, our Love for helping others, our Faith in God, and our Passion that burns at providing education surrounding CBD.

We specialize in High-Quality Full Spectrum CBD Products. From our Oil, to our Unique CBD Patches and Cream. We pride ourselves in providing and manufacturing quality products that are unique, fast acting, and are made with a one of a kind Proprietary Blend of Ingredients.

From our Proprietary Processing, all the way to our Proprietary Ingredients, which allows Our Natural Shop to provide a unique, Slow Release Technology Delivery System that mimics exactly what our bodies need."

- Our Natural Shop

What They Had to Say About Us...

“We always turn to Displays2Go.com for all our event and office needs. They are sure to have exactly what you need no matter the Size, Style or Uniqueness you are searching for. Not to mention their products are convenient and easy-to-use... Your display needs are sure to be found at Displays2Go.”

our natural shop in action

Creative Nonfiction

meet the creative nonfiction staff

"Creative Nonfiction inspires and supports writers of true stories. Publications include the quarterly Creative Nonfiction and the monthly True Story (one exceptional longform essay by one exceptional writer), as well as the In Fact Books imprint. CNF’s programs also include online courses, webinars, and an annual writers’ conference in Pittsburgh, all aimed at helping a diverse range of writers tell important stories effectively and artfully." - Creative Nonfiction

meet the creative nonfiction staff

creative nonfiction classes

Interested in writing your true story? Since 2011, Creative Nonfiction’s online classes have helped thousands of writers from all over the world tell their stories better. This spring, they're offering thirteen different courses to help you achieve your writing goals. Join their growing writing community today!

creative nonfiction testimonial

"Displays2Go is the go to for any and all signage, merch displays, and literature holders. Whatever our needs—and they are varied—Displays2Go always has the perfect solution. Top-notch customer service, and on-time delivery. What more could you ask for!"

creative nonfiction testimonial

Stratus Collective

stratus collective customer spotlight

"At Stratus Collective, we work with clients to develop and implement solutions for their retail spaces, whether that is printing signage for a sale or producing custom fixtures for a new store build out – and all of the parts in-between. Tapping our expertise, industry know-how and partnerships we are able to bridge the gap between crazy concept and real-world solution. Think big, and let us handle the rest." - Stratus Collective

stratus collective retail consultants

Recently Accomplished Projects

stratus collective projects

"When we need to highlight a product or find a way to display printed signage, Displays2go is the first place we look for a solution. When we were tasked with creating a customer experience pop-up to showcase a new store being brought to the area, we needed a way to display some of the products customers could expect to find in the coming store. We found exactly what we needed with the twist display tower. It is quick and easy to set up (and take down) and has plenty of room to display a lot of products. The overhead LEDs do a great job lighting the product and bringing attention to the entire installation. So far the towers have traveled to 5 different states and we expect to continue to use them in many more!"

stratus collective twist tower display
stratus collective twist tower feature

Siren Marine

Siren marine - the connected boat

Siren Marine is a Newport, RI based marine electronics company that specializes in Connected Boat® technology. They design, manufacture, and sell devices that allow boat owners to monitor, track, and control their boats from anywhere through a mobile app.

What They Had to Say About Their Partnership with Displays2go

"Siren Marine has long enjoyed a partnership with Displays2Go. In addition to sourcing many of our trade show supplies from Displays2go, we've had the pleasure of testing new products...which has given us a presence that is unmatched by our competitors. Displays2go's products and customer support are top notch!" -Sam Handy, Marketing Manager

all about siren marine

What They Found Success With...

Siren Marine attends many shows a year. When they wanted a powerful visual experience to help tell the best story about their product, our 55" multimedia touchscreen kiosk fit the bill! The digital experience enables their reps to show compelling product demos in high definition, engaging potential customers with their Connected Boat® Technology with dynamic effect and lasting impact.

Siren marine - 55

all about siren marine

Natural Annie Essentials

Get To Know Annie of Natural Annie Essentials!

The partnership with Annie of Natural Annie Essentials was first forged in a direct message on Instagram. Annie was looking to custom print one of our cardboard dumpbins with her vibrant brand graphics. We didn't offer that product with customization at that time, but we looked into it for her and ran an order just for her. Soon after, we started offering those products with customization for all of our customers. From there, Annie was a hero around the office. Her background in graphic design is obvious from her gorgeous brand imagery. It was obvious to us that she is the face of the future of retail.

Her journey is nearly identical to those of any major success story. It all started with ideas born out of necessity, realized and brought to market after identifying a gap that needed filling. A true entrepenuer she is.

natural annie essentials testimonial

It all began when her first daughter, Tiffany, was born with Spina Bifida. After undergoing many surgeries in quick succession days after birth, Annie noticed that her newborn's skin was severely affected by the many prescribed ointments and medications. She set off to find a remedy using essentials oils and other completely natural ingredients. As she describes, "I was a new mom. I was running around the house throwing out all the bleach, all the harsh chemicals". She prevailed. The natural composition of the creams she developed were the only thing that gave her brand new baby any relief.

Soon she started to host parties where her guests would create many different variations of natural skin, hair and body products. Those guests quickly became her first fans. They urged her to go out on her own and start selling what she was creating. Fast forward a few years and she's wholesaling to an ever-growing list of vendors. She's outgrown a small space in the basement, overtaken her husbands "man cave" and now her shop resides in the garage... and the rest of their house. A warehouse is next on the docket! The trajectory sounds remarkably similar to that of Steve Jobs and so many of the other enterpreneurial masterminds of our time.

We got the chance to spend the day with Annie and her family when they came to the Displays2go office to shoot her Customer Spotlight video. She is every bit the bright & brilliant go-getter that her imagery and brand exudes. Our partnership continues to this day with the frequent exchange of ideas and mutual support. We're can't wait to see what she conquers next.

natural annie essentials

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