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How to Use Custom Signage to Your Advantage in a Digital World

how to use custom signage to your advantage

Posted on 13, June, 2018

Last Modified on 29, May, 2019

It’s 2019. In such a digital-everything time, it seems almost impossible that we could still rely on printing anything, yet we do. Nearly as impossible is the idea that printed materials are still providing us any real value, but do they ever. Until we find a way to wrap candy bars in digital wrappers and project any content we want, onto any surface, at any time — and cost-effectively; we’re stuck with printed marketing materials or packaging. Isn’t it hard to imagine a world without a Reese’s wrapper? It’d be way less fun to find a holographic golden ticket… Actually, that does sound pretty cool.

So beyond candy wrappers, drink containers and even logo ridden daily flyers, there’s custom signage. In a universe where literally everything is vying for your attention out of every corner of your periphery, how in the dickens can a regular ole’ print advertisement possibly be of assistance to your cause? Luckily, we happen to be experts on the matter. We see how effective custom printed signage can be every day — and we learn it from you. Read on to see 6 simple advantages of custom printed signage and how to reap the benefits of traditional, old-school marketing.

1. Brand recognition

If your messaging, your fonts and your logo are consistently displayed in front of your customers, at some point you’ll face imminent familiarity. A well-defined brand experience can be conveyed to passersby across your store locations with cohesive graphic elements and, if done well, can certainly emote nostalgia, excitement or longing. Hitting the emotional sweet spot of your customers is something you can do with even an 8.5”x11” poster. While your at it, mix it up! A poster multi-pack comes equipped with many poster sizes and shapes.

2. And on the emotive front…

A well laid out print, with simple, clutter-free graphics and a short and sweet message tucked inside a frameless glass enclosure can create miracles. Visualize the lower half of a smiling face and a flowy-mod text over the top that reads “Summer Called, She Said You Needed A Good Sale on Flowery Textiles”. Welp. I’m sold. If flowery textiles aren’t your thing… how about “Your Wife Called, She Said Your Butt Will Look Good in these Jeans”. Welp. You’re sold. Ooo, and so are your customers! They love when their high resolution imagination kicks in.

3. Create a sense of need vs. want

Signage doesn’t have to be slapped on a wall or stuck to a window (although new technology has made even window clings a thing of beauty). Try framing your prints in an ornate poster or picture frame; depending on your merchandising display or exhibit aesthetic of course. If not ornate, go super minimal with a display like the aforementioned frameless enclosure. A floating image does wild things for the eye and helps reduce friction when you want the focus to be your message. Once you take the sign off the wall it becomes a part of the dance. Sitting right next to your product on a minimalist easel or pedestal, your message becomes the voice of your brand. If you listen close you can hear your visual adsterpiece (see what we did there?) whisper to your customers “hey, it’s me. stop fooling yourself — it’s no longer want, we’ve entered the need zone”. Touchdown.

4. Urgency, Impulse, Now or Neverism.

Honest to goodness, a well-played, strategically placed custom sign or vinyl banner can still inspire a true sense of urgency. And guess what? Old tactics still work. “Buy 2, Get Everything… For a Limited Time!”; still gets ‘em. Run that bit for a trick, take it down and do it all over again. Doesn’t. Fail. Or, use a window cling to let street traffic know that you have free Wi-Fi. Yes, that falls under now or never-ism. Wi-Fi usually means power outlets, and power outlets mean free internet. You’ve just been introduced to a customer that literally needs you. How else will they send that text?

5. Promote the new stuff!

You need to get the word out somehow! Hot new products have just landed but you can’t afford to rely on digital advertising everywhere in your store. Why not mix in some custom printed advertisements in thoughtful hot spots and get folks interested in your merch? A healthy mix of digital and print canvases is actually a good idea. Cost-effective too! Grab a couple of ceiling mounted snap frames for quick signage changes and you’re in the game! Own a restaurant? Custom printed table tents can be bought in bulk and are cheap enough to change on the fly when new menu options become available.

6. Promote the OLD stuff!

Aging inventory still has to move! Think about the return on investment. You may want to consider using digital signage to promote your newer products when your intention is to masterfully tell a story with video content. But what about your overstock products or older inventory? Blast huge sales with printed vinyl banners or large format posters. Or hey, why not invest in a multi-pack of posters with varying sizes of prints Nothing works magic like a huge “50% Off Storewide” sign. Except a “Free Puppies” sign, but that’s just unfair.

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