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Rotating Book Stand

Are you looking to showcase the latest novel or a full series of popular paperbacks? Our book stands for sale come in several sizes and styles. Whether you are shopping for a single countertop rack to showcase this week’s featured title or a floor standing spinning fixture with several pockets to display a genre selection, there is a configuration to satisfy your needs.These book stands, also known as book easels, are used in libraries, newsstands, and big-name chain sellers, as well as smaller local shops. Large retail stores use these standalone literature displays for novels of the same genre or works by a single author. Elsewhere, floor standing shelves are set up to display the latest bestseller or seasonal book. Tall models usually have many pockets to accommodate a wide range of reading options. A rotating book stand often works better than a standard wire unit when there is not much room on the countertop or other flat surface.

How should I use floor standing vs. countertop book stands?
  • If you need to display a large number of manuals, novels, or reference materials, a floor stand may be the better solution. Each book display rack generally features multiple pockets so a full assortment of publications can be showcased simultaneously.Whether organizing by topic, theme, or series, when the breadth of choice is your customers’ concern, go with a high-capacity, freestanding set of shelves.
  • POP and impulse sales environments are some of the best locations to implement tabletop units. A simple easel backed design is great for elevating a single bestseller above the rest of your new releases, while spinner stands can store much more than just one title at a time. Create a themed table display and highlight one or two titles as examples to draw customers in.
  • One style that you might also consider is a wire newspaper stand. These come in both floor standing and countertop styles and often feature multiple tiers to hold magazines, paperback guidebooks, and of course, the daily paper. These stands make a great addition to your checkout area, where customers can grab some lighter reading on impulse as they wait to have their purchases rung up.

The different amenities and built-in features of the stands are pretty basic, but that does not take away from how practical and functional they really are. Wood and metal are typically used to construct the book holders so that they last in busy locations. The pockets or display pegs keep the books visible and easy to spot for customers. In fact, some of these holders have full-view wire slots and shelving to ensure that every title can be read with ease. Rotating and tiered models help make the best use of your store's floor plan when space is limited. Some of the book holders are single-sided while others have movable components for displaying materials in multiple directions.

Many of these holders, book easels especially, come in handy in more than just retail environments. At home, they can be used in the kitchen to hold a cookbook or particular recipe, leaving your hands free to prep. Just one display book stand can make a trade show booth table come alive at busy conventions. These book stands for display of hardcovers and paperbacks are used at author signings, book fairs, educational seminars, and other events to sell reading materials and also work well in a public library for promoting new titles or selected genres.

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