Wall Mounting Comment Boxes w/ Locks & Ballot Holders

Comment Boxes with Wall Mounting & Locking Designs for Schools & Offices

Do employees in your office feel as if they don’t have a voice? Try putting in a comment box to allow concerned employees to discreetly voice their opinions. These wall mounting suggestion boxes feature brochure pockets to hold scrap paper, informational brochures and more. The presence of comment boxes can help workers feel more comfortable in the workplace because they know that their employer is listening to their concerns. These displays also feature a locking design to prevent tampering or theft, which is especially important if these wall mount comment boxes are being used to collect cash donations for a charity. Plus, the versatility of these displays allows for most of them to be placed on countertops instead of being wall mounted. Place this comment box in a convenient location for easy access.

donation cans help raise funds for charities Suggestion holders are a great way to collect information and feedback over extended periods of time. Use this drop box selection to conduct surveys, elections and more. You’ll find that different styles and materials are available including metal, wood and acrylic. Match your display to any décor with this wide variety of styles. Some comment boxes are also available with sign holders attached. A sign holder gives companies an opportunity to place a logo, ad, or notification that tells people what contest they are entering or what they are voting on. Attach the security pen (if not included can be purchased separately) to the countertop, wall, or on the comment boxes themselves for users to fill out the form, ballot, or suggestion card!

What types of businesses use these ballot holders?

  • Hotels - For customers to drop room keys when checking out
  • Offices - Managers can collect concerns, complaints, or tally an office wide vote
  • Schools - Students can vote for classroom-wide decisions or hold student elections
  • Retail Stores - For customers to leave suggestions or complaints

When running a business, one of the quickest ways to grow is to listen to feedback. Customers are always going to be genuine and offer the best tips on how to improve. Display a vote box so customers can leave feedback that will help you grow as a business and potentially increase sales. If you treat the customer how they want to be treated then you increase your chance of returning customers. Repeat business is one of the keys to success for any retail store. Suggestion boxes also have the ability to make a customer feel more appreciated. The sight of it sends a message, “We as a company value what you, the customer, has to say.” It can also be used as a tool to evaluate employees. Have guests write in who assisted them shopping, made their experience better, or (hopefully not the case) was rude and unhelpful.

Schools can really benefit from these boxes as well. Use these displays in the classroom to tally votes and discreetly collect suggestions from students. Each of these ballot boxes ideal for schools can be mounted directly to the wall. Teachers can sit these stands on top of their desks for easy access, or hang them on the wall to conserve space. Use these ballot bins for a variety of different purposes. Try trade shows as well. Collect information from potential clients with these boxes, or collect various email addresses so you can put them onto a mailing list. With so many people visiting booths at a trade show it can be difficult to collect everyone’s information. A suggestion box is a great way to start!

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