Museum Display Cases Present Valuable Art or Merchandise w/ Class, Style, & Fashion

Museum Display Cases Protect Artifacts and Antiques While Maintaining Maximum Visibility

We carry a large selection of museum display cases which are an excellent choice for any showroom floor. Explore a variety of style options to suit the needs of your next exhibit, to compliment art pieces, or create a high-end feel in historical societies. These fixtures are commonly used to put the spotlight on a specific artist’s work or showcase a cohesive theme. While some units are built with MDF wood and acrylic covers, our museum display cases are suitable for elite art galleries. These fixtures are made with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, intended to perfectly complement and bring attention to your most prized possessions.

We offer museum display cases with a variety of wood and brushed stainless steel finishes as well as glass showcases. Take advantage of numerous style options to diversify presentations of various artifacts within your exhibit. Each fixture serves a unique purpose at any event, so mix-and-match to keep guest engaged and ensure that your pieces are given the attention they deserve.

What if you have a large gallery with many different items? Do we have the fixture for you?
Pedestal museum display cases are medium-height freestanding towers with a solid cubic base and a glass or acrylic top. This option is perfect for bringing attention solely to one valuable piece in your showroom, or if size permits, a handful of small items that are part of a set. Use these fixtures in the middle of a gallery floor as a loose crowd control feature, or beside complimentary wall art. Some models are illuminated by LED lighting to bring key items into the limelight in otherwise low-light areas.
Wall & Countertop
These display cases are a sleek way to feature collectibles, artwork, and valuable artifacts in places that are often left unused. Place one-of-a-kind pieces on the wall to compliment items showcased below in larger exhibits, or on countertops to give guest an up close look in your most frequented areas. Both options feature an MDF base and a clear acrylic dust cover that protects objects from being tampered with. Some models come with a linen backing, which adds an elegant backdrop for your collectibles. Take advantage of the minimalist style that directs all of the attention to the valuables inside!
Our display cases are most commonly used in exhibits, trade shows, and even retail stores. Table fixtures allow coordinators to showcase expansive collections all under the same locking glass panels. One of our most popular options, these fixtures allow customers to get an overhead look at the contents inside and can be placed both against the wall or in the middle of your gallery floor as a standalone island. Contemporary styles include LED lighting for increased visibility in low-light, while traditional tables provide a more upscale look. Many retailers utilize these fixtures to display jewelry to create a luxurious shopping experience for their customers. Secure tables are a great way to showcase valuables such as necklaces, rings, and accessories.

We build our units with the highest quality materials to maintain an elegant style in any gallery. All fixtures featuring glass components are made with tempered glass, which safely breaks into small, rounded, pieces, making accidents more manageable in public settings. Most fixtures are built from durable medium density fiberboard (MDF) or a stainless steel base that is designed to endure prolonged public use. Our cases come with a locking mechanism which allows businesses to keep contents secure when unattended. For ease of use, many of these fixtures ship fully assembled and ready to promote your next event.

All of the above designs are intended to to be used as a full vision case. Any item that is placed inside is able to be viewed from any angle, maximizing visibility and versatility. Take advantage of the the various viewing angles these cabinets offer and place them anywhere within a room! Pay attention to both the product series and SKUs to find the perfect matching set for your next showing. Still concerned your guest may get too close to valuable, priceless, or one-of-a-kind items in your gallery? Utilize crowd control stanchions to keep patrons far enough back to protect the display without obstructing their view. Use the variety of museum quality fixtures that can be found on our site to create an attractive showroom that will keep patrons coming back for events to come.

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