Museum Display Cases Present Valuable Artifacts & Art w/ Class, Style, & Fashion

Museum Display Cases - Display Artifacts & Antiques and Collectibles in Glass Showcases

This large selection of museum display cases are excellent choices for exhibits and conventions. Many of these wood pedestals are commonly used in art galleries and historical societies to spotlight a specific artisan or theme for the month. Are all of these showcases suitable for high-end art galleries and museums? The majority of these wooden showcases are made with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. There are a select few museum display cases that are made with acrylic covers and MDF wood. These economical pedestals are noticeably labeled as such, and are still a rugged and beautiful unit. These museum display cases are offered in several wood finishes such as cherry, oak and maple as well as black and silver. In addition, these wooden pedestal display cases are offered in several sizes and shapes. These models are available in square or hexagonal shapes, both tall and short. Use these showcases to protect valuable works of art in a gallery, or to exhibit expensive objects in a jewelry store. Many of these museum display cases include side track lighting to further focus attention on the displayed merchandise. These lights are fully adjustable allowing the spotlight to be pointed in practically any direction. Some of the displays shown above have mirrored decks that further accent the exhibited item. All of the fixtures that have glass components are made with safety glass. These cases with tempered glass pose less of a hazard should the unit get accidentally broken. The resulting broken pieces are small and rounded, making these showcases suitable for public settings.

Another type of display is the table-style unit featured above. These glass tables are perfect for exhibiting small items, or to create an interactive exhibit. This museum display case features an all glass case with metal framing and alluring wooden legs. These table exhibits are offered in a couple of different styles. The museum display case is made with complete tempered glass, and has a lock to keep the contents secured. The locking function allows the user to maintain control over access to the exhibit. These glass tables are often seen in jewelry stores as well to showcase objects as well as create a place for employees to interact with customers. These cases ship fully assembled and ready to use. This short lead time is typically unheard of when referring to such a high quality store fixture. The economy display for sale here is available for same day shipment. Shoppers that are on a tight budget or are looking to buy several units; these wood and acrylic pedestal display cases will look alluring and not break the bank!

Several of these cabinets feature some type of locking mechanism. Locks are a vital feature for these wooden showcases since they are typically used to display valuable merchandise. Even the economical museum display cabinets feature an alternate means of locking the cover to the base. Most of these acrylic covers have an Allen screw that can be tightened to maintain security of the displayed contents. All of these designs have a full vision style. Once an item is placed inside the case; viewers can see the entire object from every angle. This adds to the versatility of these museum display cabinets; allowing them to be placed everywhere within a room, and not have to worry about the viewing angle. Buy these wood pedestal displays today! For customers purchasing different sized display cabinets that need matching wood grains, some of these units are within the same series; therefore the colors are guaranteed to match perfectly. Many of the other series of showcases are offered in black and silver which are the most popular shades for most businesses. A museum display cabinet such as those sold here, will last for many years of continued use and the countless number of different merchandise displayed in them over time.

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