Museum Pedestal Display Cases

Museum Pedestals w/ Spotlights

Pedestal Display w/ LightsThese museum pedestals are made with quality materials and craftsmanship. Browse the multiple wood grains and lighting options available, and you’re sure to find the right display case for you! The museum pedestal display cases available here feature a full-view design; meaning the contents can be viewed completely from every angle. These glass showcases are highly portable with hidden casters underneath the wooden base. Even though these display pedestals features a solid construction, weighing approximately 90 lbs, they’ll be no problem to move around art galleries. Another one of the optional features on these showcases is track lighting. Use these museum pedestals with mini spotlights in a dimly lit room to further focus attention on a specific object, artifact, or statue! There are two small track lights in each compatible fixture that are adjustable, giving users the flexibility to move the lighting rather than have to reposition the exhibit, if so desired.

Use these museum display stands in a retail store to exhibit expensive objects.There are several other advantageous features to these cases. All of these museum display stands feature a mirror deck to further highlight the exhibit. Another great feature is the sliding, locking glass doors. This features acts as both a theft deterrent and a means of maintaining control of the access to the contents within. All of the glass components on these display cases are made with tempered glass. This safety glass, if broken, breaks into tiny round pieces rather than larger sharp-edged shards like that of standard plate glass. Most public associations require all glass components to be tempered as it is much less of a liability. It would be a shame if broken glass were to damage valuable artwork or paintings!

    Does this pedestal case have additional storage space in the base?
  • All of these showcases feature a solid wood base with no cabinet space.
  • This unit is intended to exhibit small merchandise in a gallery or retail store.
    Does this display stand come in different sizes or shapes?
  • These fixtures are available in larger configurations and a few other shapes.
  • Choose a museum display in hexagonal glass or a much taller exhibit stand.
  • There are also tall showcases with storage space under the glass cabinets.

Other than art galleries, these stands are commonly used in fine jewelry, and department stores to exhibit expensive objects. Jewelry stores can use these enclosed stands as store fixtures to exhibit crystals or diamonds. Curators around the country prefer these glass cases to protect valuable artifacts. Likewise high-end retail stores such as Swarovski use these cases to control access to products. These glass exhibits are offered in black and silver, as well as cherry, oak, maple and rosewood finish. Plus, the footprint of these displays is minimal. Each of these units is only two square feet in width and depth. These showcases will add a touch of class to any environment!

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