Glass Display Cases

Glass Display Cases

Do you need glass display cases that won't take up a lot of floor space? These tall showcase cabinets are just what you've been looking for. These glass display cases are great for retail objects, as a collectibles exhibit showcase, and as a lobby fixture. These tempered showcase towers feature either an entire wood frame or a wood finish with aluminum support framing. These glass display cases come complete with a hinged tempered glass door with built-in lock, adjustable shelves with clips, all sides of clear tempered glass, built in levelers, and interior bottom mirrored deck. These skinny showcases are perfect for use in a jewelry store or fine china retailers that need to decrease access to the displayed objects. Use these glass display cases to exhibit awards or trophies your company has received. The hexagonal shape of these towers will further garner the attention of your patrons or clients. The glass display cases featured here also have over head lighting that shines directly down onto the shelving. As an optional feature there is side tracking lighting offered on most of these units as well. Glass display cases with side lights, such as the fixtures shown above, are often seen in museums, or art galleries displaying glass artifacts, pottery or other works of art. The mirrored deck on these large showcases further accent and complement the displayed merchandise within.

Display Tower w/ Hexagon Shape

Browse through the entire inventory to find the tower that fits your current situation. There are glass display cases among this same series that are different sizes and shapes that will match perfectly with those shown here. Many of the other product lines of cabinets are offered in similar wood finishes. The colors available for the merchandise featured here are; black, cherry, maple, oak, rosewood and silver. Choose the display cases that best match the current decor in your home or office. The canopy and the base of these units feature the wood finish, while the majority of the actual case is all tempered glass. This particular type of safety glass is often times a requirement for any fixture that is placed in a public facility. These glass display cases, if broken, will break into small rounded pieces rather than the large sharp pieces that plate glass shatters into. Shoppers can buy these store fixtures with peace of mind knowing that they are built with safe, quality materials.

Hexagonal Tower w/ Spotlights

Glass display case producing is one of our many specialties and at our large facility located in Fall River, MA we carry thousands of in stock fixtures. Designing showcases in the USA since 1974, the company offers a diverse assortment of wood cabinets for sale at wholesale pricing. The glass display case for sale here, contains many advantageous features that make it a bargain at the discount prices presently being offered. This tall tower cabinet features hidden wheels that make moving it to a new location a breeze. This glass display case will be a cherished piece of furniture in your office or home for many years to come! We guarantee it!

Does this glass display case have any weight limitations on the shelving?
  • The tempered glass shelves are able to hold a considerable amount of evenly-distributed weight.
  • This glass display case with adjustable shelving does not have a specified weight limit.
  • Heavier items should be placed in the center of the shelf to ensure the most stable position.
Is this glass display case offered with different levels of delivery?
  • This tower cabinet is offered with many different types of delivery. Additional charges do apply for more in-depth delivery methods.
  • This glass display case is offered with dock to dock delivery, inside delivery, or a more involved inside delivery, including all debris removal, and unit placement..
  • For more detailed information regarding shipping, be sure to contact a consumer service representative, or read the specific product page.
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