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Museum Showcase Pedestals Highlight Sculptures, Statues, and Collectibles

Square Museum Pedestals Provide Elegant Displays to Showroom Floors

museum pedestal display cases

Does your gallery have a one-of-a-kind piece that deserves to be in the limelight? Use museum showcase pedestals as freestanding displays to attract patrons to unique items in your exhibit. These fixtures are a great compliment to existing decor in any art gallery, trade show, or historical society’s showroom. Use museum showcase pedestals to spotlight a specific item of value such as antiques, collectibles, or statues and sculptures. These narrow stands are especially useful when presenting a single item, but most models provide ample room for small items from a similar line. Use as a standalone fixture in the middle of your showroom floor to create focal points within your exhibit, or as a compliment to a larger installation.

These elegantly designed museum showcase pedestals are constructed with wood stained MDF bases with a shatter-resistant tempered glass top, making them perfect for public use in high-traffic areas. Shop a number of color options including black, silver, white, cherry, and maple, to match existing decor and create a cohesive line of artistic displays. The aluminum framing along with the tempered glass provides a durable foundation for the usable area, topped with a wood canopy. These showcase pedestals are built with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, ideal for high-end galleries. Use these displays to attract attention to unique items

Select pedestals come with LED track or overhead lighting, so note product descriptions to suit your specific needs. Both options provide ample lighting in the typical low-light art gallery and place more focus on the merchandise, collectible, or sculpture inside. Track lighting is easily adjusted and can be pivoted to suit many positions. Utilize these illuminated showcase pedestals in dimly lit rooms to bring key items into the limelight and direct attention.

Some models feature adjustable shelving as well, which allow owners to display items of varying sizes. Curators prefer these glass fixtures to house such things as an art history collection, pieces from an ancient artifact, sculptures or art glass, or a valuable piece of jewelry.

While having unique pieces on display will bring people to your gallery for the first time, having the right pedestals to properly present and protect those items are vital to your prolonged success. Utilize the variety of museum quality displays we offer on our site to build a cohesive theme for your next exhibit. Expand your gallery’s presentation potential by shopping our full line of display fixtures, and be sure to note product descriptions to match products from the same series and get the best results.

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