Economy Wood Podium is a Fraction of the Price of Solid Wood!

An Economy Wood Podium is a Cost Saving Alternative to Solid Hardwood!

An economy wood podium, such as a lectern or pulpit can come in many different materials and cost & endurability can vary widely with each. These pulpits are a one-of-a-kind line-up of lecterns that are both alluring and offered at a fraction of the price of their solid wood counterparts. These furniture pulpits are a showcase of our most cost effective lectern designs. Some of these pulpits, if offered in solid hardwood could potentially cost more then double what they are offered for in economy wood. However, the quality and beauty of these pulpits are not sacrificed at all. The veneer finishes on these pulpits are so smooth to the touch and edges are so seemless, the audience would have to get up and touch the pulpit to figure out if it was real wood or not, and even then they probably won't be able to tell! Whereas melamine or laminate pulpits offer a scratch and dent resistant surface that is also resistant to permenant marks from pens or pencils.

Most other lecterns suppliers will make you wait weeks for a new purchase to arrive so Displays2go stocks most products for quicker shipments. This means you can start enjoying your new furniture lectern, podium or church pulpit sooner, most often tomorrow! In addition to the lecterns shown on this page we have a broader then most other lecterns suppliers selection of podiums & pulpits available as well. In fact, other lecterns suppliers look towards Displays2go as the leader in the industry of presentation furniture. Also check out our full spectrum of point of purchase displays which can be seen at our main shopping categories page.

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