Portable Sound Systems | Audio Speakers with Hands-Free or Handheld Microphones

Portable Sound Systems - Wired and Battery Powered PA Equipment for Public Speaking

Portable Sound SystemPortable sound systems are in stock and can be shipped every day to our customers. Wireless microphones and public address kits are ideal for speeches in middle-sized and large rooms. What are the major benefits for customers when using wireless and battery powered portable sound systems? This equipment will improve the comprehension of speeches and presentations through louder voice and clear articulation. Wireless portable sound systems, also known as transportable audio equipment for professionals, will help users to communicate with audiences in a simple, direct and quick way. Our wide assortment includes brands like the popular Amplivox.

Why is transportable audio equipment so popular for speakers and lecturers?
  • Portable sound systems can improve the tone of a presentation, especially our brand Amplivox.
  • The device allows a discourser to focus rather on the content than on the audibility when presenting in front of an audience.

Small transportable audio equipment with wireless microphones and compact high power speakers can be set-up within minutes. Pro orators will fascinate each member of the audience with the use of these small, lightweight and easy-to-lift kits. Compact public address sets with ample watt power are easy to transport, to lift and to assemble. For this reason our pro PA packages are preferred by many educational centers, trade show vendors and event managers. After a presentation, it is child's play to dissemble the wireless Amplivox microphone speaker set and pack it back into your vehicle or storage room.

What is this equipment usually used for?
  • Users are able to set-up this small battery powered, public address transportable audio equipment for presentations, indoor and outdoor events or even smaller gigs and standup acts.
  • Fundraising, real estate auctions, local sports broadcast commentary and training seminars are just a few applications where such a device is highly successful.

Due to the wide scope of uses, compact battery powered portable sound PA packages with wired and wireless microphones are excellent investments for schools, offices, seminar training centers and other educational facilities. With wireless Amplivox equipment you can reach crowds easily through clear vocal projection. We offer both, hands-free and handheld sets, which enable the user to move while giving the speech. The communication with the audience becomes interactive, personnel and emotional with this high watt microphone and speaker equipment. Portable sound & PA packages with plenty of watt power ensure that audio quality stays consistent during the whole presentation.

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