Podium Accessories for Lecterns and Pulpits

Lectern Accessories Improve Presentation Readiness

Looking to enhance your presentation? Podium accessories can provide a supplemental boost for you while you’re at the lectern or pulpit - or keep them covered while you’re not using it. It’s important to maintain your audience’s attention, so why not have everything you need to make sure that happens? Podium accessories will give speakers peace of mind that their presentation will be a success. Browse through our lectern attachments to find what you need.

What types of podium accessories are available? Supplemental wireless microphones are essential in every venue. You want your audience to hear you, right? The mic will enhance your voice and tone so even people in the back will take in your message. Some wireless microphones will only function at certain frequencies, so you need to ensure your sound system matches the attachments you purchase. Podium We offer a few different wireless mics that operate at different frequencies so we can accommodate most presenters' needs. What if you’re in a venue that’s dimly lit? A lectern light is a must-have for all lecturers. We have an LED lighting option that will last for years and includes a dimmer switch so it can be set at the right level for each speaker. This light fixture has an executive look and clips-on and off to give the presenter more freedom when using it. Concerned about your wireless system’s performance during your speech? If you purchased one of our lecterns with an integrated sound apparatus, we have rechargeable 12V batteries to give you peace of mind. This battery can provide 20 hours of life — allowing you to use your Economy lectern series with a PA system at events where a power plug is unavailable. Looking to protect your lectern when it’s not being used? Sometimes pulpits can be a costly investment and users need something to protect it when they aren’t putting it to work. We offer covers for a variety of sized lecterns found on our website. Easy to take care of, a protective covering will shelter from water damage, scratches, and dings. Each protector is easy to take care of and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Whether it's mustering up some extra light to see speech notes or a microphone to reach your audience, at Displays2go we do our best to ensure you're ready for your presentation. Shop online today to take advantage of quick shipping and low prices!

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