27x40 Poster Frames - Sized for Movie Prints and Hollywood Playbills

27x40 and 27x41 Movie Poster Frame Sizes

Black Movie Poster Frame

Looking to feature film prints and advertisements with a high-visibility display? Our 27x40 poster frames are ideal for professionally featuring your graphics. What makes this media size special? Wall mounted 27x41 and 27x40 poster frames, or one sheet displays, are specifically made to hold one-sheet film prints used by the industry since the very beginning. Anyone can use these fixtures to promote motion pictures or show off Hollywood memorabilia. Offered in a number of styles and finishes, our 27x41 and 27x40 poster frames can fit into any theater, retail store or corporate office.

What makes these displays the best option for featuring film prints?
  • Our 27x40 poster frames include a clear plastic lens that protects valuable graphics from damage. A protective covering keeps Hollywood keepsakes in pristine condition, especially when advertising in busy common areas. The cover not only prevents moisture, dust and fingerprint damage, but it also reduces glare for added visibility. Using plastic materials in lieu of plate glass ensures that the faceplate will not shatter if broken, making it safer to handle.
  • These 27" x 40" poster frames are available in two neutral finishes to match any interior. Choose sleek black or modern silver to go with your décor or movie advertisement. Some models come with black and white mats to accent your graphics and customize sizing.
  • Our selection of one sheet poster frames can be mounted in either a portrait or landscape orientation. While playbills are almost always vertical, companies use this size for their advertisements. Retail stores, restaurants and other businesses often use 27" x 40" images to promote services and products.
  • All of our framing comes with the required hanging hardware, making installation quick and easy. We also include guides to assist users in more detail.
Curved 27x40 Poster Frame

We offer 27 x 40 and 27 x 41 frames in a variety of designs to meet any user's promotional or decorative needs. Our most popular line of wall mounts features snap-open enclosures that make it easy to load with new prints. These wall mounts can be updated without taking the frames off the wall, which makes them a convenient choice for movie theaters that advertise new releases. Simply roll back the edges, place your playbill under the lens and close the sides. This style also features a snap-open enclosure for easy access. Use our unique curved framing options to showcase your image in an eye catching way; these units can also be updated while they’re mounted on a wall. Looking for a more affordable option? Check out our plastic framing that includes a protective faceplate and a plastic or cardboard backing.

Want to give your Hollywood graphics extra attention? Illuminate them with our 27" x 40" and 27" x 41" lightboxes. Using energy efficient LEDs, these backlit fixtures distribute light evenly for a professional advertising presentation.

Why order from Displays2go.com? All of our fixtures ship same day to supply your business as fast as possible. In addition, we offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders to assist in furnishing theater chains and store franchises. Need a bunch of frames for your collection of one sheets? Order in bulk at a reduced price and get the displays you need, exactly when you need them.

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