Full Vision Design Retail Showcases

Full Vision Glass Counters

Full-Vision Glass Design Where are these full vision retail showcases commonly used? Many businesses, such as jewelry, sports memorabilia and perfume stores use these glass cabinets to exhibit merchandise. Solid, durable, and tamper resistant, all of the glass display cases in these series are economical, yet made high quality. The retail showcase features a full vision design, which means that passersby can easily see all of the products the cabinet holds. Plus, these store fixtures blend in with any existing d├ęcor. This showcase can also double as a cash wrap counter used to checkout patrons. Or use these displays along with other coordinating cases to create a unique configuration that will enable you to show a diverse selection of goods. In addition, these glass displays with locks can be used along with some of the other wood cabinets for sale here. By using safety glass, these jewelry displays pose less of a liability for store owners. If this all glass showcase should happen to break, the tempered glass would shatter into small round pieces, rather than large sharp shards like that of standard plate glass. Full vision cabinets are offered in 3 different sizes; four foot, five foot and six foot wide. There is also a unit with a corner design, great for creating configurations. Purchase two rectangular cases and a corner unit to create the standard checkout setup found in most retail stores.

Includes Tempered Glass for Fragile Merchandise Adding one of these glass display cabinets to your store layout is easy! All of these fixtures come with many advantageous features, such as adjustable shelves, locking cabinets, and wood kick-plates. The shelving is height adjustable in an effort to accommodate objects of varying sizes. Most of these showcases feature a plunger lock, which is a must-have for most jewelry retailers that store high ticket price goods. The wooden kick-plate on these units not only serve as a solid base, but also helps to decrease the impact on the glass if patrons should happen to bump the case. These glass cases are built with quality craftsmanship and solid materials. Although these full vision design counters with locks are economically priced, they are by no means a sub-standard quality item. These displays are the #1 choice among jewelry stores. Not sure if these laminated, full vision jewelry counters are what you had in mind for your retail store? Browse the main retail display fixture category for more options.

  • We have personally timed the process, and it takes two people approximately 10 minutes to put these glass display cabinets together.
  • These retail showcases require only a few basic tools in addition to all of the included hardware in order to assemble.
  • There is an online video as well as a detailed set of instructions to further assist in the construction of these glass store fixtures.

In addition to these store fixtures, there are more than 7,000 unique display products, including trophy cabinets, cash wraps, dump bins, and much more. This online retailer has been in the business of designing point of purchase displays, and selling them for over thirty seven years. This business began as one man's hobby; operated from his personal home. Over the past three and a half decades this corporation has grown to become one of the nation's grandest and leading providers of quality products and exemplary customer service. Now with three warehouses and over 1.5 million units, this company is a time-proven leader in this unique business. In addition to the diverse assortment of quality objects available here, there is also a call center staffed with specialists that can take an order, answer product questions, and quote potential freight costs. These representatives attend weekly training to stay abreast of the newest products featured on this site, as well as any new shipping procedures. This site continues to change with the evolving technology and requests of the purchasing public. The years of experience alone represent the drive and continued determination of this business to be a success and to provide only the best quality objects and support for all customers. Thank you for shopping with us, and be sure to check back frequently to check out all of the new and interesting fixtures that are added daily!

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