Full Vision Showcases Maximize Merchandise Exposure in Retail Stores

Glass Cabinets for Retail Stores Protect Merchandise with Sliding Doors, Lock, and Key.

Retailers are commonly trying to find ways to increase the exposure of their products while maintaining security on the sales floor. These full vision showcases are a great way to keep high-value merchandise such as jewelry, electronics, memorabilia, and specialty items safe while maintaining a visible display. Retailers can create cohesive branded displays through proper product placement and attract customer attention to high-end wares in their store. Take advantage of full vision showcases to ensure that passersby can easily view full lines of merchandise while shopping your retail store. Merchandisers place increased importance on a diverse selection of goods by placing them in highly-visible cabinets. Full vision showcases are great in that everything stored inside is able to be seen. Units from this line do not have any bottom-loading drawers that could obstruct customers’ view, rather, the open design maximizes merchandising potential so passersby can see all products the cabinet holds. For more information, read our informative article "Full Vision or Half Vision?" for a better understanding on what makes showcases different from each other.

Built with shatter-resistant tempered safety glass, these cabinets are designed for high-traffic retail areas. If an accident were to happen, the tempered glass would shatter into small rounded pieces for quick cleanup and to reduce the risk of injury. Each fixture features adjustable shelving, perfect to diversify products of varying sizes and suit your merchandising needs. Most cabinets come with a plunger-lock, a must have for any retail store showcasing valuable items such as jewelry, electronics, art, or any other high-ticket item. The wooden kick-plate on these units serve as a solid base to stand on, sturdy enough to support the inevitable customer who may bump into or slightly lean on the counter.

Our full vision showcases come in three different sizes as well; four foot, five foot, and six foot wide. Each display case featured here stands at 38” tall, which allows retailers to place any number of cabinets side by side for custom shopfitting solutions. We even offer a corner-fitting unit that is perfect to create more dynamic cash wrap configurations that meet the needs any retail floor plan. Purchase any two rectangular showcases and a corner unit to create a standard retail counter, or build a unique expansive display to better reflect your full line of wares. A great aspect of these cabinets is they they can double as a cash wrap counter, easily outfitted to checkout patrons as well as keep last-minute impulse items readily available.

Some of these fixtures ship knocked-down, what do I need to know about assembly?

  • We have timed how construction time personally, and it should take two people about 10 minutes to build each of these glass showcases.
  • All hardware required is provided in the box on delivery, all that is needed is a few basic tools to finish the job.
  • There is an online video as well as a detailed set of instructions to further assist in the construction of these glass store fixtures.

These glass displays will match the decor of any retail environment and can be used alongside other wooden, glass, or metal fixtures for sale here. Supplement the look and style of these showcases with supporting fixtures such as merchandise risers, jewelry stands, slatwalls, and signage. Take advantage of chic shopfitting options by choosing from an extensive line of retail store fixtures to create a unique shopping experience for your customers. Mix-and-match display styles by using merchandising tools such as baskets, racks, and locking acrylic displays to keep patrons engaged and to draw attention to specific product lines. All fixtures are economically prices, but are designed with top-quality materials to last for years in high-traffic retail environments.

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