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Powered Portable Speakers for Enhanced Live Sound

On-The-Go Amplified Audio Equipment for Live Speaking Engagements

Whether you are speaking indoors or out, voice amplification may be required to reach the ears of listeners. Our collection of powered portable speakers for live sound comes with excellent features priced for every budget. Most public orators stand behind some form of podium or lectern while giving speeches or presentations. Not all podiums come with built-in amplification, so in this case, powered portable speakers provide the answer. Thanks to their smart and compact designs, they make the task of transporting to and from a live engagement that much easier. While some venues provide access to audio equipment, there are a lot of advantages to supplying your own. Unfamiliar house systems can be unreliable, resulting in unwanted technical issues. Bringing your own setup offers better dependability and ease-of-use without having to learn or deduce how to work a foreign system. Choose a simple, powered speaker for live sound or go for a model with all the bells and whistles. These portable speakers offer a wide variety of features designed to enhance any live speaking event!

What are the main selling points of our compact audio equipment?
  • These powered portable speakers for live sound are available with wired or wireless configurations. From strictly a user standpoint, wireless capabilities are the obvious choice. This allows freedom of movement — including the freeing up of both hands if using the lapel mic or headset. Some models offer both options or just the one, so before purchasing we recommend checking your particular PA system choice has the type of configuration you want.
  • Powering up involves two options: AC power cord or rechargeable battery powered options. In most cases, these models come with both, so you will never be without enough juice to make it through a presentation. If relying on systems that come with internal batteries, you can expect anywhere between 4 and 10 hours of continuous power usage (depending on the model). By doing away with an AC cord connection, battery-powered operation lets you take your amplified voice virtually anywhere.
  • For those who just want vocal amplification (and not much else), we offer basic, straightforward packages. These portable systems are dominated by the amplified speaker but do come with a few line-in inputs and volume controls. These are built for rugged use which makes them excellent choices for announcing outdoor sporting events. Integrated carrying handles also provide convenience during transport.
  • If you are looking for something more than just "basic", deluxe all-in-one PA systems are available. These models boast internal media players that put you in total command of your presentation. Play background music from uploaded audio files or stream from your personal Bluetooth® device. Powerful features like Voice Priority (which automatically mutes the music when you speak) make for a smooth and professional delivery. Input and output jacks let you connect extra speakers and/or additional audio devices. Furthermore, convenient audio controls let you set your voice's tone and echo. All these enhancements come together in small but powerful packages!

Why choose portable audio systems? Let's say you need to lecture at a place that doesn't have a house PA like a church or conference room. Or, you need to broadcast your voice at an outdoor auction, rally, or sporting event. Or, your job involves traveling and you prefer to bring your own setup. These scenarios are just some of the applications that can benefit from amplified vocal enhancement and live sound. Speaking engagements will often require it. Make sure you're being heard whether you're indoors or out!

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