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Tensabarrier Sign Frames | Post Topper Graphic Displays

Need to give customers information near the queue line? These Tensabarrier sign frames are excellent for providing guidance and promotional messaging to visitors and patrons. This type of crowd control post topper is a great way to turn any stanchion into a graphic or message display. The Tensabarrier sign frames, whether they're placed at the beginning of a service line or placed on a single pole, will stand out in any environment. When placed on a stanchion, the signage will be at eye level for maximum visibility. With our large selection of inserts, any business can use these Tensabarrier sign frames to convey messages like "no smoking" or "wait here for the next available agent". Users can also use their own 7" x 11" signage or select our "custom message" option to feature whatever they please.

Our Tensabarrier sign frames are made for both belt stanchions and poles with ropes. In addition, the post toppers come in two designs: square enclosures and open brackets. The sign frames also come in a number of colors to match retail stores, restaurants and event venues. Metallic finishes like silver and brass are great for their upscale appearance, making them a great choice for banks and service organizations. Another feature of the sign frames is their ability to rotate a full 360° to easily point in any direction. All models here have a top insert design that makes installing the signage inserts a breeze. Order online at Displays2go.com for quick shipping and wholesale pricing.

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