Promo Flags for Indoor and Outdoor Events

These Promo Flags offer custom graphics to create unique advertising presentations

Do you need promo flags for your retail storefront? Are you looking for an innovative means of advertising at an outdoor event? These promo flags are a great way to advertise a business or organization. Buy these promotional banners, custom printed units and special event displays to promote your logo or marketing message for all to see. Promo flags are suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. The large printed area ensures that your promotional banners are always viewable, even from a distance. All of these promo flags and beach flags are sold with custom printed graphics. Have these advertising banners made with your company logo, slogan or message and increase the impact of your marketing efforts. Custom printed signs, outdoor displays and other promo flags offer a great way of advertising in malls, trade shows, conventions, and outdoor events. All of the units sold here are offered with several print options as well as a couple of different sizes. These promo flags are offered with one color, two color, three color and full color printing. For customers with intricate artwork, or a detailed logo, there are also full color and digital print options. These promo flags, also called feather or blade flags, feature a unique design that is intended to draw the attention of passersby. With such a commanding height, along with the movement caused by the wind; these outdoor event displays will help your booth or store stand out among your competitors. These promo flags are shipped unassembled; however the assembly process is quite simple. No additional tools are required, and a set of detailed instructions are also included with each purchase.

These promotional flags ship with multiple accessories for different mounting surfaces. The included components include a ground screw, a cross base, or a water bag. Given the fact that these promotional flags can be used both indoors and outdoors we have provided different bases to allow customers to use them in numerous locations. To use these advertising banners at the beach or in the grass simply screw the plastic stake into the ground first, and then attach the pole. Similarly; for customers that choose to use these promotional flags indoors or on solid pavement, the cross base works better for these types of surfaces. Simply unfold the metal feet, and slip the pole onto it. When flying promotional flags outdoors with the cross-base, the water bag should be filled and used on top of the base for added stability. Although these units are intended for outdoor use, they are not designed to withstand high winds, and should be brought inside during extreme weather conditions. These promotional flags are simple to set up and can be accomplished by one person in a matter of minutes. The pole is sectioned and slides together expeditiously. The promotional flags just need to be slid onto the pole through the built-in pocket that is sewn into the material. It's as simple as that!

This promo flag, also known as an advertising banner or promotional display, is designed to always be open. Because of this, these outdoor units are always working to promote your organization. Even in little or no wind, when a traditional flag would hang against the pole, this promo flag is open. These promotional banners can even be used indoors where wind is not present. This promo flag features a unique shape that provides a stylish look while ensuring that your advertising is always visible. These outdoor event banners are printed with a high-quality printing process for the most vibrant colors and sharpest images. This promo flag comes in a variety of printing options, for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to these outdoor banners for events, there is also a large selection of similar merchandise in different shapes and sizes. Customers who have bought this promo flag also bought, concession stands, retractable banner stands, custom printed umbrellas and multiple other displays intended for use at large conventions. This site contains all of the necessary fixtures to build a successful booth for an event, as well as supplemental advertising products for a store or restaurant.

Outdoor advertising has quickly become a popular method of attracting customers into a retail location, or to announce current sales events. Custom banners are just the tip of the iceberg of what we offer. Shoppers can choose from a wide range of outdoor-rated products that are seen at sporting events, fairs, and theme parks. Increase the exposure of your business by getting your company logo printed on one of these promotional banners. No matter what the need; any one of these event displays will help to increase awareness for your business.

    Can this promotional flag be purchased separately?
  • Some of these outdoor advertising banners require a minimum purchase due to the print process involved.
  • For customers that need just one promotional flag; the digital print units can be bought separately.
  • For further information regarding any of these marketing units, contact a member of the consumer service team at 1-800-572-2194.
    What other accessories are included with this custom promotional flag?
  • All of these custom marketing banners come with a ground stake, cross base, and water bag.
  • Additionally, this promotional flag comes with a canvas carrying bag for ease of transporting to and from events.
  • These marketing banners come with all the necessary accessories to place these units practically everywhere indoors or out.

In addition to the custom advertising banners for sale, there are several other product lines sold here! These outdoor event displays are just one small section of the impressive inventory of over 7000 unique fixtures offered through this online catalog. This company has been building and supplying quality marketing displays since 1974. This small business started out as a one-man outfit, making acrylic displays and then selling them to local financial establishments and other big companies around the region. As the number of orders grew; a physical factory was built, production workers were hired, and the returning and new customers grew by leaps and bounds. Then with the birth of the World Wide Web this site was built and we commenced to selling objects to the whole country. Within the last 20 years this company has now expanded to two other warehouses that now contain nearly two million units, most of which, ship the same day orders are placed. In stock orders received before 3PM EST ship the same day. All other requests received after the cutoff time go out the next business day. There are a few exceptions to this standard shipping policy such as custom graphics, and large display cabinets that are built-to-order. With more than 7,000 display fixtures available, this site can satisfy a huge variety of needs from a wide range of product types. This website is the country's #1 choice for all outdoor advertising banners and other custom promotional fixtures! We appreciate your patronage, and look forward to serving you in the near future!

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