Newspaper Display Case w/ Push-Pin Cork Surface

Newpaper Display Cases w/ Corkboards & Swing-Open Doors

A newspaper bulletin board, better known as a newspaper display case, is and enclosure that is sized for specifically for front page newsprint. Each of these enclosed boards features a corkboard surface on the inside that allows users to quickly tack up a headline or other important article. These newspaper display cases and bulletin boards can be used to display not only newsprint pages, but also newsletters and other publications. The high quality aluminum frame on the outside keeps important front page articles safely and securely displayed in any hallway, entryway, classroom, or business. The durable construction and locking design are great for keeping people from tearing down important information that might otherwise be susceptible if an open-face corkboard was used. A newspaper display case provides a stylish yet secure way to show off landmark events and victories. The unique swing open design, attractive finish, decorative matboard, and locking capabilities are just some of the reasons these items are so popular. School administrators and coaches can celebrate team victories whether academic or athletic with a newspaper display case. Businesses can showcase important articles about ribbon cuttings and ground-breaking ceremonies in their foyer. No matter what front page headline you are trying to showcase, rest assured that one of these newsprint bulletin boards will fit the page perfectly while keeping it protected.

These newspaper display cases have a hidden inner frame that is used when mounting them to the wall. Simple to use Z-bar mounting attachments to quickly yet accurately mount the frame on any wall. Hidden angle brackets on the top and bottom allow the frames to be secured without destroying the mounting surface or looking tacky. The inner frame also contains the corkboard surface and is used as a platform for posting newprint pages in a prominent way. Simply swing open the door on the outer frame to access the interior. Then stick push pins or thumbtacks into the cork surface to secure your front page. The outer frame is constructed from a high quality aluminum frame and contains the clear acrylic lens and decorative matboard. This frame swings open on hidden hinges to expose the corkboard for faster message changes, yet the gravity latch or side plunge lock keep the frame securely closed. Because of the design, these newsprint frames with corkboards only slightly deeper than a normal picture frame.

Displays2go manufactures a large selection of bulletin boards and notice displays. Bulletin boards such as enclosed corkboards, outdoor bulletin boards, and message boards are available every day at wholesale prices from our online catalog. If one of the above units is not what you need, we have many different styles available so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Newspaper bulletin boards, also known as newsprint display cases are a great addition to any lobby. In addition to the bulletin boards, Displays2go has a huge selection of lobby supplies including stanchions, changeable letter boards, and retail display fixtures.

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