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Wooden Poster Frames for Art, Promotions & Signage

wall mounted wood poster frameThere is a huge assortment of wood poster frames available here! Most of these wall picture holders and print displays are offered in various colors including black and mahogany. Where are wood poster frames typically seen? These wooden picture displays are commonly observed in business offices, lobby areas or even someone's home. There is a large selection of wood poster frames to choose from here, including hinged, framing with mat boards, and shadow boxes. Does your company like to display the front page of the world news? One of the more unique wooden poster frames sold here is the wall mount newspaper holders. Hotels, restaurants, and other establishments like to post the daily headlines, and these traditional yet stylish wall mount units make it simple to change the daily newspaper.

wooden poster frameA very popular wood poster frame is the wall mounted case that features a hinged design. This new style of print displays is great looking and rugged to offer a long-lasting fixture. These "swing frames" are offered in a large array of common sizes, as well as various colors. The wood poster frames can be used to showcase a print, movie advertisement, or a dinner menu. The color choices available for these wall mount picture holders include; black, mahogany, oak, and natural finishes. Among the different color wooden poster frame choices, there are 2 sizes; 22" x 28" and 24" x 36". Hotels and large corporations like to use these wall mounting print holders in lieu of using heavier metal holders. The wood poster frames are also available with optional locks and keys to further protect the displayed print or picture. For the picture cases without an included lock, there is a gravity latch system that keeps the frame closed. This locking system is hidden out of sight behind the wooden poster frame, and doesn't negatively impact the overall look of the display. Another choice available with these graphic displays is thin or wide framing. The slim wooden poster frames also feature a mat board to further accent the print or movie poster on display. The included matboard is removable; allowing for two different sized framing options.

Wooden Frames for PostersAlong with the wide range of large wooden swing frames offered here, there is an equally impressive selection of wood poster displays suitable for hanging in a home or office. Showcase a wedding photo or preferred vacation memory with one of these picture holders. All of the wooden picture displays offered here are wall mounted. Choose from black wood frames for posters, units with or without mat boards, even shadow boxes. Most of the larger picture holders offered here feature a mat board. This is like getting two poster frames in one. Use the mat to showcase a smaller picture, or include the mat to display a larger print or painting. There are plenty of black wood frames for posters with an included white mat board to complement any picture nicely.

One of the newest product lines currently added to these picture hanger units are these wall shadow boxes. Use the wooden shadow box to showcase awards, medals, or other accolades in a unique fashion. Oftentimes, athletes like to use these wood picture holders to frame a team picture along with a ribbon that they have won. These poster frames that are wooden feature a fabric backer and pins to attach merchandise within the shadow box. There are a few different sized wall mount shadow boxes offered here in both black and brown framing. These frames also feature an easel back, allowing for either wall mounting or desktop use. Buy these bulk picture displays in high quantities for even more savings. These wooden poster holders are made with quality hardwoods to last for many years.

Are any of these wooden wall picture frames offered with removable mat boards?
  • Current inventory includes various swing-open holder sizes that include mats.
  • For those slide-in picture framing solutions that don't feature an optional matboard; they can be purchased at a print shop or craft store.
  • Most of the swinging frames offered here feature a white mat board.
What are the common sizes available for these wall picture framing?
  • For those wanting to display the daily headlines there are various 17"x26" frames for newspapers.
  • There are many size options available to choose from, including 16"x20", 18"x24" and much more.
  • Choose from a huge selection of sizes and colors of swing-front frames. These framing solutions that wall mount feature a hinged face that allows for quick print change-outs.

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