Hanging Hardware for Banners, Posters & Signs

Hanging Hardware for Suspended Graphics

hanging hardwareThis hanging hardware includes everything needed to hang signs or pictures from the overhead. There is a huge assortment of sizes available. What type of sign hanging hardware is offered? These signage systems with either a monofilament nylon line or chain hangers so that customers can choose an 'invisible look' for lighter merchandise or a chain link for heavier merchandise needing supplemental support. Barnacle clips and toggle bolts are included with all hanging hardware for posters to allow picture mounting from most any type of ceiling. Banks, retail stores, and shopping malls buy these sign holding systems by the hundreds as an alternative to traditional wall mount or floor standing marketing tools. Viewers are twice as likely to notice a sign or picture suspended from the over head with this hanging hardware than a picture frame mounted on the wall. Additionally these sign suspending kits keep sales floors clear from bulky obstructions like floor standing marketing ads, thereby making it easier to navigate through the store.

picture hanging hardwareThere are two types of hanging hardware for graphics available here; kits that use metal chains, and those that use a nylon line. Both kits include similar components. The hanging hardware with nylon wire line includes barnacle clips, toggle bolts, and "s" hooks to complete the system. The only item the user has to provide is the signage to display. With all of these components, this hanging hardware for signs will be adequate to hang a picture from any type of over head. Also offered are kits with several lengths of nylon. Depending on the height of the ceiling of the store or office, different display heights may be required. Customers should have measurements handy prior to ordering any package.

hooks and wireThe other kit for sale here features the same components as the previously mentioned kits, with the exception of metal chains instead of nylon line. This suspension equipment gives more of an industrial look to pictures or signs. Use these sign systems in conjunction with the acrylic holders featured on this page as well. These acrylic picture displays have pre-drilled holes in the top corners to allow the hooks to attach to the framing. For customers looking to hang a banner or single sheet of thin poster board from a wall or overhead surface, there is a large selection of banner rail sizes that can also be used along with the ceiling hook and wire equipment for sale here. These banner rails feature a snap-open aluminum rail design that has pre-installed plastic clips that will latch onto the hooks from these sign systems. Buy picture rail hooks to suspend signage from the over head, and watch the passersby stop to view what's up!

Are there any weight restrictions for these suspended signage systems?
  • The weight restrictions are more dependent on the type of material overhead that this wall and ceiling hardware is being suspended from.
  • For heavier pictures or signs use more kits to support the weight evenly.
  • The sign suspension system featured here can hold a considerable amount of weight when installed properly.
What type of ceiling can these picture hanger systems be mounted from?
  • The kits featured here are suitable for plaster, sheetrock, and even drop ceilings.
  • The different sign hanging systems feature different components, like nylon wire or jack chains, to better mount to specific ceiling types.
  • For further questions on any of this picture mounting objects contact a customer service representative, who will be happy to assist.

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