Floor Lecterns Made of Metal are Lightweight, Durable and Resilient

Floor Standing Lecterns with Metal Truss Designs and Acrylic Panels

floor standing metal truss podium

Need a sturdy stand for speaking to an audience? Our metal floor standing lecterns are highly durable and come in a variety of designs. No matter where you want to feature a professional presentation, we have a style that will meet your needs. Browse metal floor standing lecterns for schools, churches, and conference halls. Their durable design makes them a great choice for any setting — they'll last for years even in high traffic environments. Metal floor standing lecterns come in a number of shapes and constructions to match and location.

What types of metallic speaking stands are offered here?
  • Metal floor standing lecterns with a truss construction are simple yet durably designed. These feature a framework fabrication that ensures that they'll last for a long time — even if they get knocked around. Truss style podiums typically have a lower price than other models because they're made out of aluminum and steel. Keep in mind that they have a see-through design that lets the audience see the entirety of the presenter.
  • Floor standing podiums with acrylic panels have a high class appearance that's synonymous with professionalism. This style of pulpit has aluminum sides with a silver or black finish. The acrylic front panel is available clear or frosted with optional custom graphics. A high quality lectern with a personalized logo is a perfect way to build a brand or gain trust from an audience. Similar models feature a front panel of wood or marble for an alternate aesthetic.
  • Other designs of metallic floor standing lecterns include special features that makes them great for more presentation opportunities.
    • Moving your speaking stand around a building is easy when it comes with wheels. The included caster wheels can lock to create a stable surface for making presentations.
    • Accommodate a number of different speakers with a height adjustable podium. These use a pneumatic assist system that makes them easy to adjust.
    • Want to mount a tablet to your presentation stand? Browse our pulpits with mounts that conveniently display a touchscreen for the presenter.
    • Speaking stands with literature holders are great for promotion. Bring these to trade shows to dispense brochures and magazines while presenting your brand.
  • Affordable floor standing lecterns are great for organizations on a budget. Find fixtures for under $200 and even some models that are less than $100. Church pulpits with a cross in the center are a perfect example of these economical options. These units have a simple design that keeps the price down, but their durable fabrication will last just as long.

Browse our wide selection of metallic lecterns for a variety of industries. While these speaking stands are great for their long lasting fabrication, their sleek appearance creates a commanding presence. Each lectern has a lustrous silver or black finish that looks professional in any context.

Looking for a different construction in your presentation stand? Shop from our contemporary acrylic podiums and classic wooden pulpits and create the perfect display for your audience.

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