Floor Lecterns Made of Metal are Lightweight, Durable and Resilient

Floor lecterns are offered in a wide array of materials with a vast array of features!

Our contemporary metal floor lecterns offer you a whole new dimension in podiums to enhance any church, conference room or special event. Some of these floor lecterns are constructed partially or entirely of aluminum, while some are partially steel and MDF. These floor lecterns, also known as pulpits or podiums, are light enough to handle, yet rugged and stable enough to stand the test of time in most environments.

Floor lecterns with metal construction allows us to offer podiums that have different features then standard wood podiums can offer. A steel body on a floor lectern allows for ventilation holes to be added to accommodate media equipment. This provides a quite form of cooling for AV peripherals during a presentation. Most wooden pulpits designed for media supplies have to have noisy fans or have to have the cabinet doors left open during a speach so components do not overheat. Those options can become annoying and in the way to an orator who is trying to concentrate on the task at hand.

Floor lecterns with metal trusses allow for us to add different colored panels to the podium's to match your office's decor. This also allows for sound systems to be easily integrated into the podiums, for a seemless and convenient sound system setup. Floor lecterns, such as metal podiums or full height pulpits will last through years of hard school or business use. These cheap podiums and pulpits are just a few of the hundreds of pulpits offered by Displays2go. Please be sure to visit our main Podium shopping page to see others.

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