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GiantPole Printed Event Flags - One, Two, Three & Full Color Options

Single to Full Color Custom Printed GiantPole Event Flags

The GiantPole is a rugged and versatile event flag pole. The system stands over 17ft tall and is designed for an equally large flag that is over 10ft tall. In order to give you the best value for your money we researched many different flag options. While they are not the cheapest flags you may find, with proper care and use they will last for years without fraying and with little or no fading.

For these flags we chose a white knitted polyester material. This is a very rugged material that is very difficult to rip or tear yet is simple to work with. The material also allows for a very good "through print." This is important because the most common (and economical) tactic for fabricating advertising flags in the world is to imprint only one side. The front of the flags has a right reading (positive) image that bleeds through to the back of the material fabricating a reversed image. This reversed image is the "through print." Depending on the process and material used to fabricate flags the through print can be very bright, almost 100% of the color as the front image or it can be non existent. A one or two color flag printed with by direct digital or silk screen can have a through print that is almost indistinguishable from the front image. This is epically true of dark solid blocks of color.

Double sided flags are generated using two imprints and sewing them together. This produces a flag that has a right reading image on both sides and is more opaque, though not 100% opaque. This is optimal for advertisements with complicated logos or text. We feel that 90% of the advertising done from these event flags works equally as well single sided as it does double sided. The brain does an outstanding job or interpreting text and images. We offered them as an choice for those who need it.

Print Methods:

Silk Screening
  • Quantity: Greater than 10 pieces (for one color)
  • Image Design: Great for uncomplicated designs and logos. Four color process great for full color graphics.
  • Back of Flag: Mirror of front, just as bright

Because of the initial setup costs silk screening is optimal for larger quantities of the same flag; pricing begins at 10 pieces. Silk screening produces a very good through print many times it is indistinguishable from the front of the flag. With one, two or three color imprints, Pantone colors can be matched exactly, this is optimal when company colors are critical. Four color process silk screening is very good at fabricating full color images that come close to the quality of digital printed flags. This is a very economic choice for large full color runs. The limitation of silk screening include the minimum quantity requirements. With one, two and three color imprints limit the number of colors that can be used in the design. Full color silk screening does have a few supplemental limitations. Exact Pantone matches are not possible and the through print is slightly lighter than with one to three color imprints.

Direct Digital Printing
  • Quantity: Small quantities
  • Image Design: Full color flags are quickly produced with digital printing
  • Back of Flag: Mirror of front, not as bright as front

Digital prints are optimal for small quantities. A large format printer is used to print the image directly onto the knitted polyester. The resulting through prints are generally not as bright as with silk screening. Digital printing produces through prints that are 70-95% as bright as the front image. The brightness of the through can vary greatly even within the same flag. Darker colors generally produce a very good through print. One or two color designs that mimic silk screen imprint designs can also achieve a very good through print. All of our small quantity flags are transcribed digitally.

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