Classroom Easels for Schools & Education

Classroom Easels are Ideal for Teaching Kids Art

These classroom easels provide everything teachers and kids need to read, write and draw their ideas in one simple-to-see and simple-to-reach spot. Our dry erase board easels come in different sizes and shapes, and offer a number of convenient features, including shelves and trays to hold supplies. We have classroom easels with dry erase boards, as well as chalkboards. Some of our classroom easels can even be used with both wet and dry erase markers, making it a versatile fixture. Are you a traveling sales person in need of a portable easel? We have a display easel that folds up into a convenient carrying case that can be taken with you wherever you go. We have classroom easels with magnetic writing surfaces, easels that are double sided, even children's easels with nice wood accents. The classroom easels with casters make it simple to relocate your presentation, thereby allowing the children to get involved, and feel important.

Dry erase boards & easels are most often made of wood, for strength and durability that is simple to move from room to room. Educational easels for younger children can also be made of metal, but wood & plastic styles designed to stand up to the enthusiastic play of kids are more common. Nurture your little artist's talent with teaching easels that feature chalkboards, marker boards, or pads of paper built in to the easel. Kids will love the fact that they can create their own masterpieces and display them on their own easel. Choose the children's easel that suits you best and make every presentation an educational experience. We also have many other types of easels to choose from on our artist boards.

We are committed to selling you the most complete selection of teaching easels, at the best prices, from the most knowledgeable product specialists in the business. We stand behind our products, and promise you the best online shopping experience. We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled selection, excellent product knowledge, & fast service. We are a top P.O.P. Display manufacturer and supplier since 1974. We have thousands of unique products in stock ready for instant shipment. Most orders received prior to 3PM est. ship on the same day. Check out our main shopping page, or contact our call center Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm EST.

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