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Condiment Caddies, Organizers, Holders & Containers

Cup and Lid Organizer
4 Compartments
$53.25 #1 Best Seller! Food Service > Condiment Racks & Dispensers

17.6w x 15.6h wood coffee condiment station organizer with 11 pockets
17.6"w x 15.6"h x 9.8"d
11 Compartments
Natural Pine
$61.25 #4 Best Seller! Food Service > Condiment Racks & Dispensers

Coffee Station Organizer
10 Compartments
Black Acrylic
Clear Front
$60.47 #3 Best Seller! Food Service > Condiment Racks & Dispensers

Wire Bread Basket
9-3/4" w x 2-1/8" h
Black Steel
More Color Options Available! $5.53

Restaurant Bread Baskets with a Stainless Steel Finish
10" x 2-1/4"
Stainless Steel
More Color Options Available! $11.15

condiment caddy for tables holds menus
8" Diameter
$7.68 $6.08 Save 21%

table caddies
7-3/4" Diameter
$8.88 $7.08 Save 20%

Condiment Caddies — Organize Garnishes, Syrups & Utensils

Condiment Organizers for Disposable Cups Looking for ways to organize ketchup, mustard and other garnishes for your bar or restaurant? Condiment caddies are a great way to keep accompaniments sorted for customers. In a café setting, they keep patrons’ favorite sauces handy. Other table organizers are designed to hold sugar packets and creamers. These condiment caddies are ideal for placement within coffee shops and bakeries where space may be restricted. Fast food institutions, concession stands and chain restaurants often use dispenser products to hold seasoning nearby. Bars and nightclubs make use of the table caddy with a hinged lid. Some of our tabletop condiment caddies are designed to hold lemons, limes, and cherries. Salt, pepper and cheese shakers, along with other sauce containers are vital in the dining room and kitchen. The small dispenser glasses are easy to use and come in the most popular industry sizes for restaurants and cafes. Our condiment caddies are crafted from a range of materials to suit the budget needs of any food service establishment. Models include acrylic, metal wire, stainless steel, and wood.

What types of restaurant table caddies and accessories are available?

  • Acrylic, wooden, and stainless steel condiment caddies keep small items sorted. Salt, pepper and cheese shakers are also available for food establishment use.
  • Wrought iron table organizers withstand years of use in restaurants, and black hard plastic dispensers for countertop or wall use have various compartments.
  • Bins for holding silverware, and hinged lid cases to keep contents fresh.
  • Steel baskets for food and sauce dispenser display, as well as all-in-one holders to hold coffee cups, lids, and sugar packets.
  • Tiered racks and shelving for coffee syrups for use behind the counter and in self-serve stations. Flavoring bottles are arranged in an ascending fashion for ease of access.
  • Wire stands for airpots have drip trays that help keep coffee bars tidy. Continental breakfast setups in hotels and employee breakrooms use these dispensers daily.
Condiment Organizers with Sign Clip

As a part of our in-house Workshop line, some table caddies are round in design. This is ideal for the placement of bottles such as mustard, salt & pepper shakers, and hot sauce. Rectangular containers are generally bigger than those with a round design. This enables users to place more accompaniments on the table. Other holders with a flat back are ideal for placement up against a wall or divider allowing ample tabletop space. Some of the restaurant table organizers feature a menu clip. This enables you to advertise new menu items, and promote upcoming events. These types of table containers are ideal advertising tools for use within chain establishments and concession stands. The sign coils are designed to grip signage, ensuring your menu merchandise and promotional cards stay in place. These sauce holders and containers aren't just for customer convenience. Bistro table organizers assist your entire establishment in efficiency. Service staff will be able to have more time attending to guests instead of worrying about table garnishes.

Other beverage racks offered include drip trays, cup organizers, and syrup stands. All of these food service accessories are designed for countertop use. Instead of providing coffee shop supplies in paper cups or just laid out on the counter, these restaurant accessories will help keep your spaces looking neat and sorted. With these beverage station organizers, customers or patrons will have no trouble finding what they need to fix their coffee or other hot beverages.

Another convenient use for these coffee bar supplies is in an office break room. Employees will appreciate the ease and convenience with which they can find their favorite creamer, sweetener and flavor syrup for their coffee. Breaks never seem to be long enough; you spend most of the break fixing your coffee or grabbing a bite to eat! With these beverage organizers, the time it takes to fix your drink can be reduced so you have more time to relax!

What information should be considered when purchasing condiment containers?

  • A tabletop caddy is a high customer interaction product that should be replaced. Even sturdier ones will need replacing a few times per year to present a polished look to patrons. For sanitary reasons, replacing table containers is also important.
  • Most of our sauce dispensers and containers are sold in bulk. This is cost effective for commercial business and bistro owners. Buying items in bulk helps ensure there will never be a shortage of important products.

Regardless of the type of table organizer a patron chooses to buy, it will help bring efficiency to their restaurant or commercial space. They are also convenient for customer use. These holders, along with other food merchandising fixtures help add value to any establishment.

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