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Cell Phone Displays - Stands for iPhone & Android Smartphones

These cell phone displays and desk stands offer retailers a chance to showcase the newest iPhone® and Android® phones on countertops or slatwall. Affordable acrylic smartphone stands are ideal for smaller retailers and mall kiosk stands. Each of these acrylic cell phone displays accomodate most smart phones. Affordable stands are an easy way to showcase cellphones without having to use an entire set of gondola shelving or display wall. Clear smartphone stands do a great job of showcasing the phone without detracting from the sleek designs and cool features. With phones continually evolving and getting sleeker designs, it's important to be able to easily display and accomodate new phone styles. Many of our newer models make it easy to showcase even some of the largest smart phones, like the Galaxy Note®, which features a 5.3 inch screen. Customers need to be informed when choosing a smartphone, so effectively use stands to create a highly visible comparison setup.

While many of these desk and countertop displays are affordable and convenient, security stands are also available for store owners needing to protect some of their investments. Large cell phone retailers need to put smartphones & tablets on display to sell the product, but it is difficult to display them without worrying about theft. In a large store, employees are not able to keep their eyes on every visitor. These security stands remain affixed to counters to prevent theft, along with having an alarm system to alert employees.

What types of phones in this category can these smartphone stands accommodate?
  • iPhones - The Apple® iPhone, including the 5S, fits snugly on most of these cell phone displays
  • Samsung Galaxy - The largest smart phone on the market can still comfortably sit on some of these acrylic displays.
  • Flip Phones - Own a pawn shop and still trying to sell an old school flip phone? We have stand holders to accomodate your needs that are priced to sell!

Many of these smartphone desk stands, feature an open design, allowing people sampling phones access to the touch screen. Older mobile devices fit into these displays as well. PDAs, pagers, BlackBerry® and more can be displayed with these stands. Get the set of three with varying heights, or choose the acrylic display with the tilting angle so it can be adjusted to avoid glare from overhead lighting. With constantly evolving mobile devices, retailers should purchase displays that will be able to showcase any type or size of phone moving forward, not a display created for a specific design! Don't continue to spend money purchasing stands to accomodate the newest line of phones.

Cell phones and smartphones are no longer business exclusively limited to specialty stores anymore. Many department and retail stores have their hands in this industry, and need any edge they can get to showcase their product line. Many of these displays are designed to showcase phones on countertops to conserve valuable retail space. The small footprint of these pedestals help conserve countertop space for more merchandise. The clear acrylic design of these pedestals are simple and affordable. Don't waste time browsing for extra fancy displays for phones with the constantly changing industry. Many of these fixtures will hold any size phone so they adapt along with the market.

These lightweight phones are also easy to store when not in use. Several of the acrylic models can even be broken down and laid flat to consume less space when not being displayed on retail counters! Our line is continually expanding as well to give stores more options for showcasing phones. The set of three pedestals with varying heights has a nice look and really makes phones stand out when used as a set.

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