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Rectangular Glass Display Case w/ Raised Base

Rectangular Display Case w/ Raised Base

This large glass display case is one of the largest cabinets for sale here. We offer a huge selection of wood showcases for your store, home or office lobby. There is sure to be a large glass display case here to satisfy any need or budget. Choose from many different variations including rectangular, oval, circular, hexagonal, square museum style and curved showcases. Is this large glass display case offered in smaller sizes? There are in-fact similar units within this same series of units for sale here. This large glass display case is offered in several wood colors and finishes such as; black, cherry, maple, oak, rosewood and silver. One of these color options will certainly match or complement your current decor. In addition to this large glass display case, there are many other shapes offered for example; oval, round, hexagonal and square, just to name a few. These pre-assembled wood showcases are fabricated from multiple colored laminates with black, gold, or silver anodized framing. This large glass display case comes complete with glass shelves, a mirror deck and halogen top lights. These features are advantageous for places such as jewelry and retail stores that change out displays often, and need to spotlight high-ticket objects. This large glass display case has locking sliding doors made of tempered glass. This type of glass is used due to the fact that if it should break, the end result is small rounded pieces rather than the big sharp pieces of normal plate glass. The large glass display case featured here also comes with optional side track lighting. These additional lights allow store owners to shine light in a specific area upon each shelf.

These large glass display cases are very heavy; weighing in upwards of 275 lbs. There are hidden wheels underneath the base of each of these units to make relocating these bulky units rather simple. Moving these large glass display cases can be done by one person. One of the greatest features of these wooden showcases is the mere fact that they ship within a few days, not weeks or months like most of the competition. Some of these large glass display cases even ship the following business day if the order is received prior to 3PM EST. Where else can you find a high quality cabinet that ships in such a short period of time? Nowhere but right here! As stated previously; these large glass display cases ship completed put together, so customers can feasibly order one of these units, receive it, and have it full of objects ready to sell within a week at the latest.

Plastic assembly is one of the many specialties here and at our large facility located in Fall River, MA there are thousands of in stock displays. View our online catalog for products including: poster frames, sign holders, outdoor displays, discounted picture frames, slatwall fixtures, entry box products, retail displays, store fixtures, financial marketing displays, podiums, magazine racks, stanchions, and custom merchandise. Producing POP displays in the USA since 1974, this company offers a wide range of fixtures at some of the lowest prices online. Also if you have your own thoughts in mind we'll take your custom display ideas and turn them into reality. We welcome your custom design ideas! We can print, modify or imprint your logo on nearly every item in our product line. Our small-run/prototype department will readily produce an actual size sample display of your custom design to your specifications for your approval. You experience our service and workmanship first-hand prior to purchasing. As a direct manufacturer we fabricate and ship most custom plexiglass orders within 2-1/2 weeks. This website is the stock division of George Patton Associates, Inc. Many e-commerce companies with online catalogs exist only in cyber space. We are a real manufacturer with real people. So even though this on-line catalog is here for you 24 hours a day, our staff is also here during regular business hours. Anytime you want a real person to talk to, call a customer services representative between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm est, Monday thru Friday at 1-800-572-2194.

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