Wood Easels - Countertop & Floor Standing

Wooden Easels Blend Nicely with Maple and Oak Finished Countertops

These wooden easels are crafted with an upscale design for use in any business. Display posters, paintings, advertisements and more. Use countertop displays to display books, sale signage and pricing labels. Wood easels are a great way to put targeted ads in the front of the store where patrons will take more notice. Many models can easily be folded up at the end of the night and put away before locking up. Easels are available in many different finishes including natural oak, cherry, black and mahogany. The multiple finishes allow the wooden easels to quickly complement any environment. For a greater impact, place the wooden easels in any high-traffic area so customers will be hard pressed to miss it.

Floor standing tripods are popularly used amongst, retail, galleries and exhibits. Artists also like to use wooden easels when painting, make them valuable for a residential or classroom setting. For artists, wooden tripods are the most effective and cheapest displays available. Some floor standing models are available with wheels to move the stand around as necessary. Different features are available with different products to meet specific needs. If these easels are going to be used on a finished floor or other sensitive surface area, try the ones with rubber feet to prevent scratching. Adjustable wood easels are great for artists so the canvas can be raised up or down as a piece is worked on. These are just some of the great features that can be effectively for personal or retail purposes.

Where are wood easels commonly used?
  • Wooden easels are ideal art supplies for artist to paint.
  • These display easels are classy and decorative for interior decoration.
  • Easels here can be used to display signs and paintings.

Accessories are available to pair with these easels as well. The beech finish carry case features compartments for paint and brushes. There is also a countertop case with three drawers and five separate compartments. Neatly store brushes and keep your workspace tidy with these matching compartments and carry cases.

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