Whiteboard Easels: Floor Standing, Portable & Erasable

Whiteboard Easels - Adjustable, Erasable, & Floor Standing

Floor standing Whiteboard easels with wheels are optimal for classrooms, offices and meetings. This erasable easel is also great for kid using at home. This portable whiteboard is easily set up in any small space, and can be folded to save space after using. This whiteboard easel provides a ideal display surface for your notes or graphs. The write-on surface can be either chalkboard or markerboard. This erasable easel has wheels and can be rolled around easily, even for kids. Many of our whiteboard easels are double sided and magnetic boards for additional value! This presentation board, also known as white easel is multipurpose and adaptable. This portable whiteboard is ideal for younger kids to develop drawing interests. This whiteboard easel is specially designed to be space savers as they can be conveniently stored away when not in use.

Additionally, this whiteboard easel comes with locking casters that hold the easels in place and can quickly be unlocked when moving presentations. This portable whiteboard can hold whiteboard supplies on these locking casters. Displays2go stocks a variety of erasable board easel products as well as markers and erasers that are ideal to use with our whiteboard easel. Our product selection also includes a variety of cork bulletin boards for business and educational purposes.

Why do customers choose this whiteboard easel over other white boards?
  • This white board easel is double-sided with a chalkboard.
  • This art easels for kids have wooden and aluminum frames.
  • The easel has locking caster that can hold painting supplies.
  • Some of these white boards have wheels, and can be transported easily from one room to another.

These erasable white boards are adjustable and foldable. Double-sided white boards have markerboards and black chalkboards. These portable white boards with wheels can be easily rolled around into any rooms that you prefer. These double-sided art easels are great for kids. Kids can move the easel easily with those rolling wheels. These art easels for kids have locking casters in order to keep the art supplies clean and organized.

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