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Place Card Holders | Favor for Weddings & Events

Place Card Holders for Displaying Table Numbers & Guest Seating

What is a place card holder you ask? These units tastefully present the name of the guest at the appropriate setting at the table. They are fixtures used to display name cards elegantly on a table. These place card holders are the ideal way to showcase advertisements, notes and place cards. These displays are typically small stands that hold a number or name card to designate seating at a wedding or function. These place card holders, frequently referred to as card clasps, are the perfect addition to dining tables or counters. Some of these feature fancy designs to accentuate any location or function. All of the place card holders are made with rugged steel materials that attach to a wire or resin base. These fancy clasps can be used to showcase name cards, special promotions or to show assigned seating. We manufacture these place card holders, signage clips, for use in settings like restaurants, hotels, or banquet halls.

Most couples use these keepsakes on wedding tables to hold the table numbers, or name cards to direct their guests to their assigned seats. These place card holders will accent wedding and event tables beautifully. Current inventory includes many different styles to choose from. There are also multi-coil place card holders in stock that allow displaying of one, two or three cards. Boutiques often use these displays to hold sale signs or other informational signage. The place card holders are perfect for an office because they can display pictures of loved ones. Any of the message stands seen here would be a great accent to table décor. These place card holders are often used as a wedding table accent. The units are highly function and maintain a sense of order while looking great on the tabletop. A seating chart is a great way to insure that each table has the correct guests seated together so that everyone enjoys the festivities. It is very common for brides and grooms to set up place card holders at their table settings to let everyone know where they will be sitting. Another alternative is to have a table number displayed on each table, and the guests' names listed on a sheet with the corresponding table number. Either way; these place card holders can be used to display individual names, or the table number. Guests can even take the units home as party favors to remember the special day. After the wedding, guests can use these stands to hold a favorite photo, while reminiscing about the wonderful time they had on your special day. These unique card holder stands fit into any budget or wedding theme.

Is there a wide variety of place card holders for sale here?
  • The selection includes many different shape and size choices to fit the situation.
  • Some of these place card holders have hearts, cubes, or spiral wire bases just to name a few.
  • For a more fancy touch, there are also stained glass stands with wire accents.
Can customers buy hundreds of place card holders on a low budget?
  • There are various note holders here for clients shopping on a fixed budget; with products starting as low as fifty cents per unit.
  • Bulk purchases include price breaks. Read the entire item description for exact pricing. There is a huge selection of products sold in groups of 50 or more, ensuring that they will all match perfectly.
  • Even though many of the units are sold at low price points they also have an attractive look. The combination of economic pricing and high quality is common with this selection. Some items are sold individually, so mixing and matching expensive with economical is perfectly acceptable.
  • Even though many of the units are sold at low price points they also have an attractive look. The combination of economic pricing and high quality is common with this selection. Some items are sold individually, so mixing and matching expensive with economical is perfectly acceptable.
  • Corporate event planners find these items to be useful to plan the seating arrangements. The planners use these place card stands to aid in getting guests to their seats quickly. Guests will instantly recognize that a great deal of thought and time went into every little detail. Everyone likes a little token of appreciation, and these table number fixtures are sure to be a crowd pleaser at the next corporate event! Companies like to have award banquets, and recognition events that require special seating arrangements. These memo clips assist large companies have events because they let each employee know where they are sitting. How about a gold star stand with a name card to show your dedicated employees an additional bit of recognition? Everyone enjoys praise and these models help people feel like they are doing a good job. Parties with a theme are always popular choices and the place card holders can serve as an attractive accent that gets guests in the mood for the occasion! Use these decorative fixtures as both a seating designation, as well as a favor for your guests to take home. Valentine's Day is a popular event to have a get-together, and one of the many heart shaped stands would add an elegant touch to your table. The fourth of July is another great occasion for throwing a party and these items are certain to help make the event festive. There are various colors and styles of star memo clips that coordinate with a "stars & stripes" theme. Having these mini stands at the table is a great option for any large gathering. There is a style for almost any theme that is certain to be within budgetary restrictions.

    These note holders for sale here represent some of the most popular and efficient means to present name cards, memos or notes. These clips are extremely flexible that they can also be used as personal reminders in your home or office. There are many different styles in stock. Customers can choose the model that best fits the situation. This product line, such as the signage displays and alligator clips, are all available in the restaurant displays section. We sell all of the memo clips at affordable prices to better meet customer's needs.

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