Metal Literature Stands | Display Holders with European Designs

Metal Literature Stands with Modern Designs and Durable Construction

Metal Literature Stands

What makes these metal literature stands so special? Our newest line includes this great selection of European inspired designer models. There are all kinds of modular brochure racks, adjustable magazine floor stands, and modern publication displays for sale in our web-based catalog. In this day and age, metal literature stands often feature basic or traditional designs that lack flair. These contemporary literature holders are not only made from dependable metal, but also are very stylish. This way, it is easy for users to instantly capture the attention of everyone in the vicinity. Each metal literature stand, also called a modern publication display, is helpful for educating customers about available services and products. Displaying printed reading materials is not just about function and having a place to put your brochures, pamphlets, and magazines. It is about an overall look that accompanies the promotional message. Professionalism is extremely important, which is why a high quality literature holder is key to successful advertising.

Why use modern publication displays rather than traditional wood designs?
  • These metal literature stands for businesses provide any excellent alternative to heavier wooden racks. Although we also sell wood stands, many customers require a solution that is a little more modern yet maintains lots of functionality.
  • Wood holders can be bulky, making them awkward to carry and reposition. Most of these metal units are manufactured from aluminum, which is one of the lightest metals available. The lightweight construction does not sacrifice durability and can be relocated much more easily.
  • Another practical feature of many of these literature displays is that their components are often adjustable. Unique presentations for retail stores and offices are easy to create with modular accessories. Many of the literature pockets raise, lower, and tilt for better viewing. In fact, some of the pockets can even be set up so that they alternate, facing two different directions. Double-sided presentations are essential for increasing exposure and grabbing the attention of bystanders.
Modern Publication Displays

With these magazine displays, it is simple to categorize information in an accessible manner. Each brochure stand or lobby sign display combines an attractive design with advanced functionality. The metal literature holders are specifically made from brushed aluminum, which is light in weight as well as durable. Many of our newest displays are manufactured from the same material, so they project elegance and class at all times while standing up to the daily abuse of the retail sector. The strong construction of the signage displays is sure to last through years of wear and tear, as we never trade style for performance.

Are there any special applications for these durable literature holders?
  • These units will certainly withstand long-term use; however, many of the stands are light enough to be transported to and from advertising venues. Sometimes trade show booth attendants, traveling sales representatives, and educational lecturers use the fixtures to enhance their presentations.
  • The professional design combined with the lasting durability gives users a high quality literature dispersion solution no matter where they are working. Serious businesses often spend serious money to out-do their competitors. Why spend extra when you can get the same effect from these systems? Save with low, wholesale pricing on just about every model.
Contemporary Literature Holders

Time, care, and design are taken into account when sourcing and developing all of our marketing materials. It follows that just as much care should go into making the ultimate selection. Consider the purpose of the display. Think about where it will be used. Weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a portable stand versus a stationary fixture. Will you frequently change your presentation or will it stay the same for years at a time? All of these questions will help you make a better choice for your application. In addition, many of the modular display systems are ideal for changing things up on a regular basis. Any of these floor stands are bound to get you noticed and in turn draw attention to your important brochures, information, or other printed promotions. Take a look at the whole collection of literature displays and similar brochure stands to find the best options. Start at the Displays2go home page to get more ideas about our displays and their many uses.

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