Table Number Stands For Restaurants, Banquets, and Receptions

Place Card & Clip Holders for Receptions and Parties

Are you looking for table number stands for your next event? If so, you've come to the right place! Place card holders make great accents for wedding and banquet tables. Tabletop signage is most commonly used for guests of banquets and weddings to identify where they are sitting. As wedding guests begin to arrive at the reception site, they will be anxious to find their seat, relax, and wait until the festivities start. Table number stands enable you to set up seating arrangements in a way that allows guests to easily locate their name and take their seat. Try different creative techniques to label seating.

What can table number stands be used for?
  • Seating Arrangements - Wedding receptions, parties, and banquets are the most common places these products can be found. Label with the name of each guest for them to easily find their seating assignment.
  • Table Assignments - Use during banquets or wedding receptions to display numbers on tables so guests can easily find the table they are assigned to.
  • Favors or Gifts - Display photos, and give as gifts or favors to guests at Jack and Jills, birthdays or bridal showers.

In addition to being used to display guest names and seating arrangements at a wedding, table number stands could also be used as part of your table d├ęcor. Showcase pictures and photos that coincide with the them of the event. Label tables with specific numbers too. Some of the products in this category that are over 2 inches tall, making them ideal for standing out. Why, you ask? Table number holders less than 2 inches in height tend to blend in with the rest of the merchandise placed on the table. Folded napkins, floral centerpieces or candles can block the view of shorter holders. When using taller stands, guests will have a much easier time locating the number for each table. As a result, guests will appreciate the attention to detail.

Complement different themes and decor with the right style and color display. The selection seen above includes both casual/basic and decorative products, depending on your function or event. The decorative table number holders are better suited for use during formal events, such as weddings and banquets. More casual affairs, such as bridal showers, birthday parties and child showers, will find the fun designs, like hearts or animals, more suitable.

Though number holders are more commonly seen used in the aforementioned types of settings, these products are also seen used in several other locations as well. Retail stores use these products to display promotional signs noting sale prices or limited time discounts. Food service industry locations like delis and bakeries often use them to label food prices. There, they could be used to advertise specialty merchandise on sale, like "Baguettes: Now Half Price!". Gift shops use holders in stores to promote sales on seasonal objects. Florist shops often use these products to advertise flower specials, such as "Rose Dozens: $9.99!"

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